D&A Anime Blog: Manga of the Week Returns!!

September’s here, which means that Summer will be coming to an end sooner than we think. We know that this has been a Summer that we’re not used to seeing; with Covid still running ramped, the entire convention scene gone digital, and the fight against racial injustice still a number one goal and a priority. We know, it’s been crazy, but as always we’ll continue to give you some uplifting and awesome content for you to enjoy next month (or tomorrow rather).

After looking back at some of the segments that we’ve done over the past several years, we’ve decided to bring back an old favorite. That’s right guys! Manga of the Week is back! This time we’ve decided to do it a little bit differently, as we’ll be reviewing manga titles/volumes from our good friends at Viz Media with a sub-segment we call Manga of the Week: Viz Media Edition! Like our original segment, we’ll be reviews/overviews on manga titles both new and upcoming from Viz Media, and if you have any suggestions on what titles we should check out, send em’ in the comments below. That’s all we’ve got for now, but as always guys continue to stay safe and stay sane in this insane time we’re living in.

And know that we love you from the bottom of our hearts! 🙂

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