Paper Mario: The Origami King: What We Know So Far…

It’s finally July, which means 2020 is half over! Life-wise things are still a little shaky at best in more ways than one, but as always we will continue to give you guys some much needed positive news as well as content; cuz’ that’s what we do! Speaking of which there are only 15 days left until the much anticipated Paper Mario: The Origami King game drops on the Switch, and fans are both excited (and scared) as to what this latest installment on the franchise will bring to the table! With that in mind we’ve decided to do a little digging of our own to see what we could be getting from this game, and what we might not wanna hold our breath for in what we think we might be expecting.

Seeing as though we’ve played the original Paper Mario on the N64, the coolest part about the game was not just the plot, but the battles! Since then the battles have become the core of the game’s excitement and success, and that success was amplified with the release of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Many hardcore fans will tell you that T.T.Y.D. was the BEST installment of the series, and that every entry after that was trash. (Trust us, we’ve seen the burns in the Twitter comments.)

There’s been quite a lot of speculation with this title, as many fans are hoping that they bring back a few elements from T.T.Y.D. (like the ‘audience’ and partners). Just last week or last month to be exact, fans saw the full five minute trailer of the upcoming game; that explained a little more what the story and plot was going to be about, and what new gimmick they were going to try with the battle system. Yes, the battle system was the biggest issue among fans that had them worried that the game was going to end up like Sticker Star or Color Splash.

Talk about putting a new ‘spin’ on things! XP

After watching the five minute video ourselves, we saw that the battle system is something totally different; as if they’ve put a new ‘spin’ on things! During battle players will have to line up enemies in a row in a ring-based arena before fighting them, and you’re given a short amount of time to make your moves. After you’ve made your moves you’ll be rewarded a power bonus for lining them up correctly, and can even deal more damage as a result. This new battle system has caught the eye of the fanbase as well as the fact that they brought back partners and the audience. So far, so good Nintendo! 🙂

All of the enemies will be origami versions of the usual enemies you face in Paper Mario games, but the biggest surprise from this latest installment is the fact that you have to battle against…tape, a pack of colored pencils, a rubber band man, and (maybe) a stapler. Has there ever been a Paper Mario game where you got to fight against office supplies? Well, this one does! They are a group of bosses called the Legion of Stationary, so yes, you will have to fight them in order to progress through the game. Paper Mario is known for its comedic story lines and moments, so its pretty neat they went all out for this one!

Though we’re not sure what they’ve done about the leveling system in terms of experience points, but we’ve heard that after defeating enemies you gain coins and confetti that you can trade in for powerful items and badges. Perhaps that might be the formula they’re going for this time, although we just hope that its executed properly and makes fans ‘feel’ that they’ve accomplished something. Overall everything we’ve seen and know about this game so far is pretty promising, but it’s not until you play it that you’ll be able to give the game a real evaluation.

That’s what we know so far about the upcoming Paper Mario: The Origami King game, and as always continue to stay safe, and stay united! 😉

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