Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Thirteen!

Alright guys. This is it! This is our last episode review of our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. In light of recent events regarding the death of George Floyd as well as the protests, we at D&A Anime Blog truly believe that Black Lives Matter! We’ve always been about unity among fellow anime fans; whether you’re Black, White, biracial, Latinx, Asian, blue, yellow, red, gay, straight, trans, it doesn’t matter. You all are family to us, and though the conversations about racism can be uncomfortable, it is necessary in order for us to progress as a unified race of humans. If you wanna know how you can help, donate to any charity for African Americans that you can find, or head to


So the final episode starts with Panty being kicked out of the church by Garterbelt due to her not having her powers anymore. While walking through a downpour of rain she suddenly finds herself surrounded by people and animals having sex right in front of her. This causes her to fall down an open drain as the events of the previous episode play out. Soon Panty finds herself on the countryside far away from Daten City; living with her grandma and Sam as a farm girl. She says that she’s happy living her new life as a human, until she finds a picture of her grandma naked on a motorcycle – who resembles Panty.

Suddenly a motorcycle gang of hoodlums shoot up the place where Panty and the others are, as Sam tries to go out there and stop them. With her grandmother dying after being shot by one of the gang members, Panty looks to where she’s pointing and spots Brief at the location where the Hell’s Gate is. Panty says that she doesn’t want her feelings to get in the way, as her grandma tells her to shut up and listen to what she has to say. After her grandmother dies in her arms Panty suddenly remembers who she is, and jumps on a motorcycle before speeding off to the location of the Hell’s Gate. It’s worth mentioning that everything that happened to Panty was staged. You’ll see when you watch the episode.

Panty confronts Corset and tells him that she can take him on without her powers and that she’s a hot bitch angel who can do whatever she wants! At this moment she wants to continue where she and Brief left off that night at the shack. Right away Brief gets an erection on sight as soon as Panty climbs on top of him. (I know we’re crossing dangerously close to NSFW territory, but bear with me here.) Noticing that if anything happens to Brief during his ‘excitement’ with Panty, the Hellsmonkey key will be useless to Corset. His response was to order the Demon sisters to attack Panty, but they’re intercepted by the other Anarchy sibling; Stocking. After congratulating Panty on reaching 1,000 men she lifts the bed that her sister and Brief are on high into the air; causing the geek to fully penetrate his lover. After making love Panty gets her angelic powers back as Stocking tosses her panties to her so that she’ll have two guns instead of one. Both the Anarchies and the Demons prepare for the final battle with the fate of heaven and earth in their hands.

The second half picks up right where the first left off as the Anarchy sisters and Demon sisters battle each other at full power. Garterbelt states that everything is going according to plan as Panty’s been ‘de-virginized’, while Brief ends up falling into Hell’s Gate’s keyhole. He triggers the contraption to unlock as he suddenly turns into the shape of a key, as Panty and Stocking laugh at him during the process. The Demon sisters turn Brief as they open up the gate to release the final ghost, leaving Panty and Stocking as the ones to kill it. Meanwhile Garterbelt and Corset battle one another but sadly the afro preacher is on the losing side of the fight.

Corset then stabs Garter in the chest but due to his immortality he’s not dead. He then grabs Corset by the throat before stating to the angels that he’s trying to use the ghost to get into heaven; so that he can take it over and make both heaven and earth as his rule. Corset proceeds to pull out Garter’s heart before crushing it with his bare hands causing him to explode in the process. As Corset proceeds to the next step of his plan, Panty and Stocking ask Brief where Garter is, and when he tells him that he’s dead, they act like they didn’t really care that much about him…which pissed off Brief. He tells them that they are the worst angels ever and asks why they can’t be serious about anything. Panty and Stocking then glare at the geek and stated that they ARE serious about everything, and proceed to take down Corset with the help of Garterbelt’s Black Heavens Express Card.

The angels manage to pull their powers together and use their ultimate weapon cannon against him. Just when the world needed them most, the angels somehow screwed up and aimed the cannon the wrong way – thus proving Brief’s point about them not being serious. This is where dumb luck comes into play; as the blast caused a giant human pair of legs wearing both a pair of panties and stockings, to descend from the sky and crush Corset and the ghost into a pancake while closing the door to Hell at the same time. After Corset exploded Chuck used his powers to zip up the doors of Hell for good so that they’ll never be open again. The sky was now clear as Garterbelt was revived from being killed, so he removed Brief from the Hell’s Gate keyhole as the contraption went back to normal.

Garter then states that he still has more work to do on earth so he can’t die just yet. He then picks up his express card and finds out that it’s been maxed out thus causing the afro preacher to yell and lecture the angels all the way home. With the final boss defeated Daten City was saved, and that is the end of the story – NOT!

In the after credits scene the angels, Brief, and Garter head back to their home. Stocking asks Panty that even though their weapons kill ghost and demons, she wonders what it does to angels. Panty didn’t have a clue, so she told Stocking to try it and see.

And this is where the biggest WTF moment happens.

Surprise bitches, I’m actually a demon!

Stocking stabs her sister in the back of her head, and then cuts her up into 666 pieces. Garter, Brief, and Chuck have WTF looks on their faces until the geek boy loses it, and Garter explodes again. That’s when Corset returns through Brief’s penis as a small grey blob and laughs at the fact that Panty’s been cut into 666 pieces. Brief asks why Stocking did what she did, and her response was that she’s actually a demon; which sparked the biggest debate amongst the fanbase even to this very day. Yeah, Gainax really pulled the biggest troll on us. Ten years later…and we still don’t have the answer to what Stocking meant. Hopefully if Gainax and Studio Trigger make their decision, we’ll finally have a season two!

Okay guys that will finally do it. Thank you guys for taking this wild ride of a show with us! We don’t know what our next pick will be, but we can assure you it’ll be awesome. Until next post, stay united and safe, and stay nerdy! 🙂

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