Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Seven!

Alright guys n’ gals! It’s high time for another installment of Anime REvisited with our title pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Now that the Demon sisters have been brought into the mix, I wonder how the rest of the series will go. Guess we’ll have to find out in this next episode review!


Awhile back I had the opportunity to watch the first installment of a franchise that I loved as a child, and kinda hated as an adult. I’ve got nothing but love for Michael Bay, but every sequel that came after the first Transformers was kinda…garbage. So the good ol’ folks at Gainax decided to do what we’ve been doing; poking fun at the franchise. Panty and Stocking meet Cocktimus Prime and Metatron while fighting and bickering with one another – as usual. Because they both ate the cores of the respected robots; Panty became Rotten Ass Panty, and Stocking turned into Gothatron Stocking.

The two robo angels fought against each other in a cliché Tranformers fashion; with Panty being an Autobot, and Stocking being a Decepticon. After all the robo madness they discover that the original robots were actually ghosts in disguise, so the angels transformed back into their original angelic forms to take on the robo ghosts, as their armies they had while in robo form transformed back into what they once were. They did get a whole lot of coins for killing the ghosts, however their value was worthless as heaven currency; leaving them to going back to bickering with each other once more.

The second half of the episode deals with Garterbelt complaining about Panty and Stocking’s spending habits and wants the two of them to get a job and raise $3 million dollars. He makes a bet with them that if they raise the money in three days he won’t complain about their habits again, but should they lose they have to be on a strict budget for as long as they’re in Daten City. The angels do indeed get a job – well jobs that they really suck at due to them getting fired from every last one.

Eventually they find themselves at a gambling casino (having no idea it’s ran by the Demon sisters who still are bitter about their ghost plant exploding) and using their luck they were able to make the acquired $3 million they needed to shut Garter up. However things took a turn as they made their way to the V.I.P. Roulette table with a poorly disguised Kneesocks as the dealer; who used her power to cause the angels to lose each time. However they had other ideas, as the angels sold their outfits and accessories until they were down to their bras and panties.

Just when Kneesocks thought she had the angels right where she wanted them, Panty sneezed as a big web of snot went across the table – and as a blessing in disguise helped the angels win all of their money back plus more! As if their night couldn’t get any better they got the chance to kill a ghost and earn heavens as well; leaving the Demon sisters to take off unnoticed and work out another plan to get back at the angels. They gave Garterbelt the money they made on their deal, though he didn’t trust where they got it.

Well guys that will wrap up this episode’s review. As always until next post continue to stay safe, stay united, and stay nerdy! 🙂