Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Twelve!

So it looks like we’re getting down to the wire guys n’ gals. We’ve reached the twelfth episode of our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Remember when I said that the last episode was the calm before the storm? Well, here comes the storm.


This episode opens up with the mayor of Daten city as Scanty and Kneesocks goes over the ghost report of all the ghosts that Panty and Stocking have faced. Sadly, the mayor wasn’t pleased with all of the failures of the Demon sisters as well as the creation of their ghosts. During the report he started talking about how during his youth he was much stronger, and can take an angel out with little to no effort. Eventually the mayor decided to step out for the moment while clearing his head; leaving Scanty and Kneesocks to indulge one another in some rather sexual elicit activities involving food. Not sure what that’s about but yeah…

After getting caught in the act the mayor decided to once again drop the Demon sisters into a pool of sweat as their punishment for their failures. While flipping through the video files he looks at the footage of Stocking getting tied up by the ghosts she had trouble fighting with several episodes back – and suddenly gets an idea on how to beat her. (Or possibly something even more sinister…) By the time he watches the last clip the mayor figured out where the kin of the Hellsmonkey is located; and you’ll never believe who its possessor is…

The second half ties into the first as Panty and Stocking have been killing more ghosts than usual while getting heaven coins in the process. Stocking seems to be the only one actually taking the job as an angel seriously, while Panty continues to screw around with more men to reach her goal of 1,000 screws before returning to heaven. After returning home in a manner similar to the first episode, Garterbelt lets the angels know that they’ve collected enough coins to go back to heaven. He tells them to come to the pulpit as they prepare to ascend into the pearly gates, but only Stocking goes back – leaving Panty to continue collecting heaven coins by herself due to her failing her trial. Pissed off she drives through the streets with Brief in tow, as she commands him to get heaven coins for her while she continues on her slutty mission.

With only one more person to screw Brief gets a call from his father about a party happening in his honor; which he didn’t really want. Nevertheless he and Panty attend as she’s rather impressed that he had this kind of pull for high-class parties. Garterbelt blasts Panty’s phone as she’s slacking up on her mission (as usual), so he comes in person to prevent her from being the slut that she is. Frustrated with all that’s happened Panty finds herself looking through the fish tank and seeing a rather attractive boy. She wants to talk to him but he’s pulled away, leaving her in awe of his handsomeness. Later on Brief’s father makes an announcement that he’s chooses one of the mayor’s daughters to be his bride, but Brief states that he’s already chosen someone to be his wife – Panty.

The bride (later revealed to be Scanty) rushes the boy in hopes that he’ll kiss her, but he kicks her away thus pissing her off and foiling the plan. Panty jumps in to face Scanty and Kneesocks on her own, but without the speed and stealth of Stocking to back her up, she doesn’t stand a chance. The blonde gets her ass handed to her in combat, but before she’s done in by Scanty, Brief shows up and uses his backpack to pull out a smokescreen so he and Panty can make a break for it.

The two find an old abandoned shack with a bed in it as Panty’s feeling a bit venerable, so Brief confessed his love to her while holding her hand. It’s at that moment where Panty decided to make Brief her 1,000th screw. The two have sex but in the middle of it Panty starts to feel pain. They try numerous positions but each was more painful than the last. Garterbelt drops in and tells Panty that the reason she lost her powers was due to her hymen coming back into place. It was also at this moment that the mayor (now known as Corset) discovers that Brief is the possessor of the Hellsmonkey, so he uses his power to bring it out. Panty tries to stop him but is intercepted by Scanty and Kneesocks as they capture Brief and take him away. Without her powers Panty is helpless to stop them…

Well guys that will do it for this review. The final episode review is next, so until next post, stay healthy and united. 🙂

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