D&A Anime Blog: Blame It On Corona!

With Coronavirus giving 90% of our social lives a ‘Thanos’ snap, it’s pretty evident that we won’t be seeing you guys – physically at conventions – for awhile. Funny thing about this whole pandemic is the fact that if you’re a content creator, blogger, or even a live-streamer, you get real creative in the middle of a crisis. That’s why for any of you guys who’s conventions got cancelled thanks to COVID-19, we’re putting together…scratch that! We’re rallying the nerd troops together for a super special digital alternative anime convention, right on our Discord channel Anime Snap! It will kick off next week during the dates of our cancelled convention, Zenkaikon.

We’re gonna need you guys’ help as well (including all of the anibloggers who follow us)! We’ve reached out to a few voice actors to see if they were interested in this little test project of ours during COVID-19’s 2-Week House-Arrest Program. We know by the numbers it looks bad, but if you think about it – it’s not as bad as it COULD be. At least the very air we breathe is NOT contaminated by Coronavirus, cuz’ that would be VERY bad!

We do have some good news; more than half of the people infected (about 145,000) are fully recovering. Remember, there is a line between cautious and crazy, you just have to remember what side of the line you’re on. Until next post, stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS! [Also, stay nerdy! ;)]

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