A Founder’s Thoughts With D.J. Lewis! (February 10, 2020!)

Hey guys n’ gals! Welcome back to another installment of one of my ‘A Founder’s Thoughts’ posts, right here on D&A Anime Blog. So far we’ve gone about a good two months without any big snow storms (*knocking on wood*), as the temps are regulating to about the 40’s and 50’s. But enough about the weather, let’s talk about something that I wanted to get off my chest for quite awhile – since 2019 actually. All I can say about the matter is; no matter how you feel about it, or even how the other party made you felt about it, there are just some fights and arguments that aren’t even worth fighting. Now you’re probably wondering what I’m even referring to, right? Well it’s more along the lines of not dealing with toxic people or even toxic environments.

Honestly with all the stuff that’s going on nowadays, my generation (90’s kids/millennials) and Gen-Z find ourselves under a lot of stress and anxiety; be it from our jobs, our families, and even online communities. Although we face this lil’ demon from time to time, we’ve also found ways to cope with our anxiety. First off, just know that you’re not alone. You can only imagine how many others feel the same way you do, which is why its a good idea to start surrounding yourself with friends who will help lift you up when you’re down. Sometimes when I feel down in the dumps I watch a funny anime title, or even chat with some of you guys. Now that we’re in a new decade, it’s high time to distant yourself (or shut yourself off) from people or groups that bring you anxiety through their toxic nature. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, individuals like that will never admit they’ve did anything wrong or even confess that they’ve verbally made someone uncomfortable.

When it comes to topics like this you’ll never hear me rant and rave about it, but explain how I feel on the matter and slowly but surely take the necessary steps to compose myself, and move on from the matter. Now that I think about it, having this blog is also helpful for me so that I can side blog about my thoughts. Well, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, time for us to grab 2020 by the horns and ride til’ we can’t no more!

Cancel toxic culture, and surround yourself with awesome people!

Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A founding member Donte’ J. Lewis

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