Supercard Fridays: DBS Card Game (Part 3)!

Here we are again, and welcome to another Supercard Fridays segment with yours truly! We return with some more info on what to expect and look for, when playing the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. In our last segment we talked about the five different card color types and what advantages they will give you during battle. This time around we’ll be looking at some common rules of the game as well as game rulings. We’ll first start off with some keywords that you’ll find in the game.

  • [Auto]
  • [Blocker]
  • [Barrier]
  • [Swap]
  • [Over Realm]
  • [Dark Over Realm]
  • [Double Strike]
  • [Triple Strike]
  • [Quadruple Strike]
  • [Victory Strike]
  • [Bond]
  • [Dual Attack]
  • [Triple Attack]
  • [Permanent]
  • [Counter]
  • [Revenge]
  • [Alliance]
  • [Aegis]
  • [Energy Exhaust]
  • [Activate: Main]
  • [Activate: Battle]

These are just some of the basic keywords that you’ll find when playing the game. For more information about what each keyword does and how they’re used in battle, head to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Official Website. As for the rulings on certain keyword skills of the game (as well as how to avoid making a “bad play”), check out these videos from the Supah Playaz Youtube channel!

Sorry this one’s a little short but hopefully you’ve got some good information on how to play the DBS Card Game with your friends, and hopefully get the chance to enter into local tournaments as well. That will do it for our another round of our Supercard Fridays segment! Next week we’ll be choosing a different card game while giving you a brief-yet-informative explanation of the rules. Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉