D&A Throwback Thursday: Neo Tokyo!

It’s yet another Thursday guys n’ gals and it is also the first day of August! That means only four-and-a-half weeks of fun in the sun remain, until the unofficial ‘end’ of Summer, aka Labor Day. We’ve got some new stuff in the works coming for the Fall, but until that time he have another entry on our Throwback Thursday segment! This time we return to the late 80’s with a classic anime movie entitled Neo Tokyo! This is an anthology film with multiple segments, so we’re going to breakdown the overview/plot of these segments in the order that they appear in the movie.

Running away sounds like a good idea!

Labyrinth Labyrinthos

The story (or short) starts with a girl named Sachi who is in a hide-and-seek game with her cat Cicerone. Eventually the two end up in a mysterious labyrinth world via a doorway through an old longcase clock. They both find all kinds of supernatural entities and creatures that would scare normal people to death. Sachi and Cicerone soon find themselves inside a circus tent before a large screen as the next two segments are played…

Running Man

A man named Zack Hugh is the titular character of this segment, and is the undefeated champion of the “Death Circus” racing circuit. Racers compete in Formula-One style racing crafts while everyone else bets on their lives for winnings. Soon Zack is interviewed by a reporter outside of the track while watching one of his races, as the reporter discovers that he has telekinetic abilities he uses to destroy the other racers. Just as the race ended in his favor, Zack receives a message through the monitors in the pit that say “LIFE ACTIONS TERMINATED”. He continues around the track but soon discovers that he’s overtaken by a spectral racer. Though he uses the same techniques that have won him race after race before, Zack finds out that this race is against his own mind…

Construction Cancellation Order

A revolution in the fictional South American country of the Aloana Republic results in a new government being installed; which refuses to accept the contract detailing the construction of facility 444. The company responsible is set to lose millions, but salaryman Tsutomu Sugioka is set to stop production. The work itself is automated by robots that were programmed to finish the job no matter what, and is led by a robot known as 444-1. Due to the robots ceasing operations on the project, Tsutomu loses patience and attacks robot 444-1 and is nearly killed; thus retaliated by destroying 444-1 and following its power cord to stop the other robots from finishing the task…

This classic movie is three shorts packed into one, and if you haven’t seen it yet it’s something to check out; via Crunchyroll, FunimationNow, or YouTube.

That will do it for this week’s Throwback Thursday segment, but there’s more to come so stay tuned! 😉

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