5 Things You May (Or May Not) Know About Mirajane

When it comes to the Fairy Tail anime, every fan that has seen the series has their favorite characters from the Fairy Tail guild. Ask any fan who their favorite character from the series is, 9 times out of 10 they’ll probably say Natsu, Lucy, Erza, or anyone else from the guild that’s caught their interest. One of the coolest characters of the Fairy Tail guild that acts as the ‘mom’ of the organization, as well as carries the attributes of a motivational speaker, is the one and only head waitress herself…Mirajane Strauss.

There’s a lot about her that Fairy Tail fans are already aware of, but for the newcomers that are just seeing the series for the very first time, there’s a few things about Mira that might surprise them – might! For that we’ve found five things/facts about the silver haired bar maiden that you may not have known about…until now.

The one and only…Mirajane Strauss

5. She’s the only character from Fairy Tail who’s actually a Model!

In the series there’s a weekly magazine known as “Sorcerer Magazine”, and one of its most popular sections is the photo section that features its popular mages. Since Mira is the only mage to ever do a photoshoot with the magazine, its no surprise that’s she’s the featured model for it.

4. One of her dreams is to be a Singer!

In one of the story arcs of the main series, Mira does indeed sing – and she’s not half bad. She’s also skilled at playing the guitar, so perhaps if things go well, she’ll not only be the mage and a head waitress of the Fairy Tail guild, but she’ll be a singer/songwriter too!

3. Aside from being a model, Mira is also a good chef!

In a Fairy Tail Omake (and possibly in one of the Fairy Tail OVA’s) known as Natsu and the Dragon Egg, Mira’s sister Lisanna, states that she is a really great chef.

2. Her name comes from a parody off of a username from an online game!

For this you’ll have to read the second volume and flip to page 190.

1. She is the undisputed Queen of Transformation Magic!

Talk about being a ‘Master of Disguise’. Mirajane is by far the most skilled mage in transformation magic, and can transform into anything – ANYTHING! She proved this in one of the OVA’s where Natsu and Lucy went to train with her, and can turn into other humans, inanimate objects, and animals.

This is just a small handful of the things about the elder Strauss that many fans are already aware of, and now you are too! If you’re new to the anime community and you happen to be a fan of wizards, mages, and magic, then you definitely wanna check out Fairy Tail or any other titles that might be similar. That’s all we’ve got for this filler post, but as always there’s more to come! Stay cool, and stay gold! 😉

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