The 5 Things You’ll (Almost) Always See At an Anime Convention!

Every year hundreds of thousands of anime fans flock to their local anime conventions either in their hometown, or a con that may be a few states away. From massive conventions like Anime Expo to smaller ones like Anime USA, there’s something for every fan of every age. The coolest things about going to anime conventions is that fact that you never know what might happen. Our experiences tell a story of various times that we’ve expected the unexpected, but that’s another post for another time. Here are 5 things that fans will almost always see at an anime convention, and of course…we’ve seen a portion of these things too!

Rawr! XP

5. The Inflatable T-Rex Cosplayer

Stomping in at #5 on our list is the world-famous T-Rex cosplay! Since 2017 this dino has been roaming around various anime and video game conventions all over North America. (Heck, it even showed up at a college football game!) We don’t know what this means or why this is a thing, but one thing’s for sure, you can find this guy at a con near you! 😉

Zero F@!#s Given…

4. Deadpool…lots, and lots of Deadpool!

Bring out the Chimichangas cuz’ where there’s a con, there’s your deadly neighborhood Deadpool! This motor-mouthed mercenary can be found at 95% of all super hero conventions and some anime cons. There are all kinds of variations of Deadpool; such as Miku Deadpool, Luffy Deadpool, Rapper Deadpool, and so many others.

The Gang’s All Here!

3. Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers

Just like Deadpool, you’ll find the emperor of the Dark Side roaming the halls of the convention (or hotel) with his faithful soldiers. Since the 70’s Star Wars has been one of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time, and now younger generations get the chance to experience the hype as well. There’s never been a geek/nerd convention in North America, where Darth Vader and his minions just happen to drop in.


2. A Giant Pikachu

Pokemon has been around for 20 years, so there’s no doubt that you might run into a giant Pikachu somewhere at the con. Depending where you live you might find yourself at the sight of a small army of giant Pikachus marching in a single file line. Nevertheless this yellow electro mouse has been somewhat of a mascot to an otherwise famous franchise, that has spanned nearly two-and-a-half generations of Pokemon fans.

If that’s not Goku, then we don’t know what is!

1. Cosplay That’s Dead On!

Cosplay during anime and video game conventions is pretty much a given if you’re a fan of one or both. Fans go all-out when it comes to cons, as they pull out all the stops (both accurately and financially) to make their cosplay awesome. We’ve seen a lot of great cosplay from all of the cons that we’ve gone to, of course there’s also some that are dead on 100% (even down to the character’s mannerisms). To us cosplay fans are awesome, so if you ever wanted to cosplay for an anime convention but felt reluctant about it, go for it! 😉

Anime conventions have all kinds of excitement happening at every turn, which is one of the reason why they have become a cornerstone in the anime community. You get the chance to make all kinds of friends from all walks of life, and if that’s not something to get excited about, then we don’t know what is. On that note, that will do if for our filler post this evening, but stick around for more awesome posts coming up later this week!

Stay gold, my friends! 😉

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