Filler Post: 5 Places in New York City Where Otaku Go To Party (After A Con)!

In America anime has become more than just another trend, it has become a new way of life for those who felt left out from society via the Social Hierarchy. Since the late 90’s anime conventions have become a staple in the anime community as well as play a major part in otaku culture. Seeing voice actors from your favorite shows and getting merch signed from them is nothing short of awesome, and getting cosplay pics is just as cool. However as the day turns to night and most of the family-friendly panels have ended, it’ll soon be time to turn up and rave it up at the conventions late-night dance.

Although a lot of us like to dance and show off our mad skills to our friends and other con-goers, there’s some of us that want to party at anime-alternative events held at gaming bars and underground nightclubs. There are a good amount of places that have these alternative cosplay events and parties, but you haven’t been to an anime afterparty, until you’ve been to one in the NYC! So for all of you otaku party animals out there, here are five places in New York City where otaku go to party after the con.

FYI: You must be 21+ to attend these parties. Viewer Discresion is Advised. O.O

Number 5: Sexy Nerds: Retro Game & Various Cosplay After Parties

Many alternative cosplay parties and afterparties are held by entertainment companies that provide anime/gaming-themed late night events. Sexy Nerds is one of them; as these guys through some of the best gaming/cosplay parties in the Big Apple! They travel between New York and Canada from time to time, and they also show up at other cons in both the east and west coast. Wanna really turn up? Check these guys out when they have events!

Number 4: SonicBoomBox: NYCC Afterparties & Events

New York Comic Con is the largest and most popular convention in the NYC, and you have a big con, you gotta throw a big party! If you’re looking for a place to let your hair down after the con, SonicBoomBox provides some turn’t up afterparties and events that you could head to. Grab a drink and dance with friends, and drop it like its hot nerd-style! 😉

Number 3: The Cosplay Booze Cruise in NYC

Partying in a club in cosplay is fun, but partying on a yacht in cosplay is even more lit! If there’s one thing you should know about con attendees at the NYCC, its that they know how to turn up no matter how late it is!

Number 2: The Senpai Project Cosplay After Parties

Ain’t no party like a Senpai Party! If you haven’t been to one of their after party events, you have no idea what you’re missing! The Senpai Project holds all kinds of cosplay-themed events that are mainly Marvel/DC/Anime-themed. They actually reached out to us several months ago for a collab project, and even though we’re not quite in a position where we can say ‘yes’ just yet, there might be a near future collab through DJ/Producer Enzo Blackjack. One day Senpai, one day…

Number 1: CEG and Geeks on Fleek After Parties

CEG is another entertainment company that hosts cosplay-themed parties in the club, and on the water (on a yacht). Geeks on Fleek have after parties after their fashion shows in the NYC, so if you get the chance to get out to any of these two after parties, definitely check them out and turn up!

There are various other places all around New York City to party at around convention season, so be sure to do some hunting around for various events besides these five for more action, more fun, and more after parties! Drink responsibly and don’t be a hentai pervert, because if you’ve seen enough anime in your life, you know what happens when you cross that line. (It’s not pretty, darling. T.T)

That will do it for us on this filler post, until next time party on! 😉

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