Filler Post: The 5 States In The U.S. That Have The Most Anime Conventions!

When it comes to American otaku culture, there are various elements that can be picked out if you happen to see someone who’s an anime fan; such as apparel, that Monkey D. Luffy key chain clipped to their car/house keys, and strands of their hair that happen to be a different color than what you’re normally used to seeing. Right now anime is at a really high point in the U.S. and with it comes anime conventions in various states. To no one’s surprise there are some states that have more annual anime conventions than others, and that can be based on a number of things; such as geographical location, anime fan population, and population per capita.

Nevertheless there’s an anime convention in just about every state for every otaku from all walks of life. Going to cons is always fun, but you know what they say; the more, the merrier! Here are five different states that have more annual anime conventions than any other, and just an FYI; this info is based on a 2016 observation from

Number 5: New York (Con Total: 14)

The big apple indeed has a nerdy side! You’ll find anime conventions like Liberty City Anime Con and Anime NYC right in the downtown area, plus there are some anime/geek themed after parties hosted by Sexy Nerds, The Senpai Project, and more! New York is more than just a place that’s known for its pizza, it’s a place that knows how to have a good time – otaku style!

Number 4: Ohio (Con Total: 18)

Have you ever noticed that rural areas seem to have more concentrated areas filled with anime fans? Ohio is no exception, as it has a total of eighteen different anime/anime-related conventions that stem from college/universities, to hotels and convention centers. From Cincinnati to Cleveland you’re never too far from a con in this state.

Number 3: Texas (Con Total: 23)

Texas is the largest state in North America, but you’d think that the largest state would have the most conventions, right? Well, you’re close. Texas is the home base state for FUNimation (via Dallas/Fort Worth) and has great cons like Anime Austin and many more! It’s also convenient for the voice actors to travel to these cons as well, since most of them live in Texas and only live a couple hours away from most of them.

Number 2 and 1: Florida/California (Con Total: 36)

Both of these states are tied for first place even though we’ve labeled them as #2 and #1. The nation’s ‘pan handle’ is known for having awesome cons like Anime Festival Orlando, Florida Supercon, Anime Miami, and more! Both of these states have major geek fests on an annual basis, so don’t miss out on some of the most awesome fun you could be having with your friends, at these conventions found in these states!

So that will do it for this filler post, but there’s still more on the way! As always we thank you guys n’ gals for the love and support for the blog, as well as our mission.

Stay gold! 😉

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