Filler Post: Sometimes, It’s Okay To Be The Underdog…

Once we reach a certain point in our lives we began to look back on how we were able to make it to this point in the first place. Some of us have achieved a particular goal or goals in life, while others are still trying to find their place and sense of identity in the world. In sports competitions you often hear the word ‘underdog’ used a lot; sometimes also referred to as a ‘dark horse’ or ‘long shot’. That one person or team that doesn’t look like they can compete with the competition. What’s so cool about anime is that there are titles that have characters who have been deemed as underdogs. They’re already being counted out before the contest or battle has even started. Contrary to popular belief, many people who see underdogs always bet against them.

There are a couple of characters that come to mind when it comes to the term; Naruto, Yato, Vegeta (at one point), and many others. Whether it’s saving a ninja village or continuing to strive to become the greatest ‘you’ that you can be, these characters had to overcome a lot of challenges in their lives to reach the state that they desired. The same can be said about us; maybe you weren’t the most popular kid in middle or high school, and maybe your skills and attributes have gotten overlooked by someone who society deems as ‘more qualified’. We’ve all been there, but do you know what?

Sometimes…it’s okay to be the underdog.

It allows you to work hard and show off your skills and talents, as well as let your superiors know that you should not be underestimated. There’s nothing wrong with being an underdog; in fact if you take that dissatisfaction that has been given to you by people who don’t know you, and channel that as your motivation, they’ll be blown away by what you can do. Granted, you will have haters, that’s just how it is. However, you’re the captain of your own ship, not them.

So root for the underdogs in your life, for they will be the ones who will become champions down the road.

Stay gold! 😉

2 thoughts on “Filler Post: Sometimes, It’s Okay To Be The Underdog…

  1. […] Filler Post: Sometimes, It’s Okay to Be the Underdog… from D & A Anime Blog – It’s not really anime-relevant, but rather a life lesson you can apply anime to. Sometimes you need someone else to tell you that even though you’re going through a hard time, it’s not bad to have the chips stacked against you. Now that midyear blues are setting in (where has the year gone…?), it seems like the right time to get ourselves back up for whatever the next half year will bring. […]

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