D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: Katana Maidens!

Here we are on the second day of the week, and we’re pretty sure that many of you may have had a chance to catch up on some anime titles you haven’t seen yet. (Hopefully.) Even though there are so many titles based off of their manga counterparts, there are a few that are completely original. This title of course – being one of them. Tonight’s Crunchyroll spotlight is on the title known as Katana Maidens.


Here’s the overview; the story is about a group of sword-wielding shrine maidens who go to school as well as work on their extermination skills. They serve as a special unit in the police force that deals with the Aradama, mysterious and hostile creatures that the shrine maidens have to defeat. The government sets up five schools for the girls to attend, and while they live ordinary lives as well as face the threat of the ‘aradama’, the five schools send their best ‘Toji’ (sword-wielding shrine maidens) to compete in a tournament during the Spring.

Original anime that’s not based off it’s manga counterpart is hard to come by, however there are some great titles out there that just need a little love. At 24 episodes Katana Maidens is one of those titles that may not seem like much on a plot-wise perspective, but it does have some pretty good sword fighting scenes, and its characters do indeed balance a social life while protecting people from supernatural creatures. And if that’s not impressive, then we don’t know what is! Check out Katana Maidens on Crunchyroll (or FunimationNow) if you love sword fights and supernatural creatures!

There’s more posts to come, so stay tuned! 🙂