Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Anime Cliffhangers!

Picture yourself in this situation; you’re finally on the last episode of one of your favorite anime titles (you don’t have to tell us which one), and just when the action reaches its climax, the series ends in an abrupt freeze frame or you see the all too familiar “To Be Continued…” title card come into play. Yep, you’ve officially experienced your first cliffhanger – which actually makes an anime title that much more exciting (because they leave you wanting more)!

Throughout the years cliffhangers in anime have done one of two things; leave the door open for sequels or somewhat of a continuation through the movie, or cause the series as a whole to take a hiatus (leaving any inkling of a sequel to be carried out through the manga). Whatever the case may be, an anime title with a great plot as well as character development may sometimes come with a cliffhanger, so to that here are our Top 5 picks that end in said cliffhangers.


Number 5: Corpse Princess: Shikabane Hime

Although this series has several years on it, it’s filled with a lot of action as well as some funny moments. Makina and Ouri manage to track down the Seven Stars and come across Hokuto, who turns out to be their true leader. During the final episode we’re treated to a battle between Makina and Hokuto as the former fights against the latter in order to help her understand what it means to live and die. The episode cuts off abruptly, as the viewers wonder how the end of the fight turned out – but I guess we’ll never know. (BTW, the episode afterwards is an OVA about the ‘original’ corpse princess.)


Number 4: Deadman Wonderland

This title’s another good one to check out if you haven’t already done so. Deadman Wonderland tells the story of Ganta as he finds himself inside a prison/amusement park for a crime he didn’t commit; slaughtering all of his classmates. Using his own blood as a weapon Ganta and Shiro find themselves fighting against other inmates that want him dead, all the way up to the final episode – which leaves you hanging. There may not be a second season to this awesome title (even though we wish there was), but the manga picks up where the anime left off.


Number 3: Attack On Titan

One of the most successful anime titles of its time is getting a third season! Attack On Titan is an action-packed nail biter that has its fans on the edge of their seats, in most cases. Aside from making a big footprint in commercial success in Japan as well as America, the final episode of the first season left us with a cliffhanger so huge, that it almost gave its fanbase a heart attack. With season three on the way, we’re hopeful that a lot of the questions fans have will be answered.


Number 2: Akame ga Kill

One of the most anticipated anime titles of 2014, Akame ga Kill was filled with all of the bounty-hunting, evil-slaughtering action that you’d find in a type of series like this. Every episode was just as action-packed as the last up until the final episode of the series that leaves us in cliffhanger limbo. All that’s left is a rather intensive battle that cuts off abruptly, leaving you wondering what ever happened to the remaining members of Night Raid. Still, this is a title that newer anime fans looking for action-packed thrills should check out!


Number 1: Claymore

In yet another action-packed anime series, Claymore tells the story of Raki and Clare (who are Claymores) as they battle against a monstrous demon race known as the Yoma. Every episode indeed does leave you wanting more, however once you reach the final episode of the series, you’re treated to a scene where Clare goes up against her greatest nemesis. However, you’re left in suspense due to the fact that results of the battle are up in the air, but even so, this series tells a beautiful story that’s worth looking into.

That’s it for our Top 5 as well as our week! We wish you guys a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers in your lives you helped make you, who you are.

Until next week, stay golden! 😉

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