Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Most Memorable Lines From Anime!

There comes a time in an anime fan’s life where they look back on the days when they were just starting to get into the medium. For many of us our first title was either Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, or Gundam (plus Yu-Yu Hakasho). Although we’re living in an age of newer, younger anime fans a percentage of us remember some of the most memorable lines in anime – in fact hardcore fans recite those said lines in their sleep. One of the coolest things about being an anime fan today, is the fact that you’ve been blessed with the ability to reminisce one some of your favorite lines from when you were a young lad, or lady. On that note, here are our Top 5 most memorable lines from anime…

Number 5: “It’s Over 9000!!!!!” (Dragon Ball Z)

Now you know we had to pull this one up! One of the most legendary lines in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, was actually a mistake that was made during the dub, that is now on every T-shirt, and said at every convention! In the manga and original sub, Vegeta states to Nappa that Goku’s power level is over 8000. Although we know that now, we can’t help but to reminisce about the mistake that made this show legendary!

Number 4: “Who The Hell Do You Think I Am?!” Gurren Lagann

This line will make any Tengen Toppa fan go nuts! If you saw the series then you already know the man (and the VA) behind this infamous line. You’ll know if your a hardcore fan of the show if you ever said this line right before a fight, before doing a cannonball, or (if your over 18) before making love. (The last part is optional…don’t look at us like that, you know you were thinking about saying it!)

Number 3: “Simply One Hell Of A Butler” (Black Butler)

If you’re a fan of anime and J. Michael Tatum, then we’re pretty sure you’ve heard this line quite a few times in the Black Butler series. Sebastian Michaelis to our recollection, is a fan favorite among a lot of female anime fans. If you don’t believe us ask J. Michael himself! After all, he’s ‘One Hell of an Actor’ to play ‘One Hell of a Butler’! 😉

Number 2: “One Thousand Years of Death!!” (Naruto)

Not only was this a memorable line from part one of the Naruto series, it was also one of the most funniest scenes from the show. The last thing you’d want is to suffer the wrath of the Hidden Leaf’s Secret Finger Jutsu, from everyone’s favorite Team 7 sensei (and Sixth Hokage), Kakashi. (Guess ol’ Naruto had to learn the hard way! XP)

And Number 1: “Team Rocket’s Motto/Intro” (Pokemon)

For the last 20 years this line has gone through many different changes, but the meaning behind it is still the same. Team Rocket’s Jessie, James, and Meowth will always be the original trio behind their blunders in capturing Pikachu, as they have quoted their famous motto in every. Single. Episode! Sure, times may be different now, and their looks may have changed over the last two decades, but one things for sure, old school Pokemon fans remember this motto almost as much as they’ve memorized the entire first opening theme song! (For the love of God don’t make us sing it! Please!)

That will do it on our end. Do you have any memorable moments from way back when you first started watching anime? Don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments below! Until next post, stay golden my friends! 🙂

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