Did You Miss Me?

We’ve been away for a couple weeks, but now we’re back to kick some more butt and strive to be one of the best anime and manga blogs out there! So without further delay, we’ve got some new updates for you guys!

We’ve re-modified the title name for our music playlist and called it the “Dealer’s Playlist” under the returning name; Blackkjackk Bassline. (The DJ/Producer moniker of Yours Truly.) We also have three new fan fiction stories coming to the blog; the first of which will be making its debut this April. Two of them are Danganronpa stories while the third is a Sonic the Hedgehog and Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls crossover. Our 2017 mini anime convention tour continues with Nipponcon and Zenkaikon in April, Baltimore Anime Fest in June, Liberty City Anime Con in August, and finally Anime NYC in November!

We’re still working on the Toonami Legacy drop-down menu, but with some help from you guys (the fans) we can make it one of the best tribute pages on the web. We’ll also be in the process of creating a Vocaloid drop-down menu featuring Hatsune Miku and all her friends, so be sure to check in for incoming updates about this awesome and new development. By the way, if you plan on attending Animore 2018, we’ll be holding two awesome fan panels for you guys to check out! (Possibly three if we’re lucky.)

Alright guys, that’s it for now. Be sure to check out what old school titles we have for you on our Throwback Thursday segment, then Friday and Saturday see what we’ve got cookin’ for our Anime of the Week, Manga of the Week, Anime & Manga Trivia, and of course Slash Saturday! 😉

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