Bounty Hunters and Great Teachers! Say ‘Hello’ to D&A Fridays!!

Well guys, we hope you’re not too full from that Thanksgiving bird, to see what cool titles we have in store for you. As we do every Friday night, we search for the most awesome and epic anime and manga titles that FUNimation, Aniplex, and all the other production companies has brought to us right here in the USA! From modern-western bounty hunters to an ex-gang member trying his own style of teaching, we at D&A are not ones to sleep on any title that catches your interest.

Tomorrow’s Saturday so it’ll be high time for another installment of our Slash Saturday’s Samurai Anime of the Week, and male and female Hall of Fame! We’ll keep you posted on new developments that come our way; including our anime convention tour dates and new youtube videos. Until then anime fans, stay tuned! 😉

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