To Spin or Not To Spin! D&A’s Founder Becoming An Anime Convention DJ?

This subject in particular has been on mind of Yours Truly for about three months now. With only a few college classes left dealing with Music Production (both analog and electronic), there’s oh so little time for me to make a decision. I have confirmed that there will be music tracks coming to the blog under our Groundz Playlist in Spring of 2018, but a part of me wonders if my beats will be strong enough to go as far as being booked to play at an anime con. We all know the old saying; “You’ll never know unless you try”, I know! >.< Perhaps I may be overreacting about this. Although none of my original mixes have been posted anywhere yet, I’ll say this about them; I’ve gotten a whole lot better at mixing and mastering since posting six Panty & Stocking AMVs, with different beats for each one. In case you’re curious here are their names…

  • Angel Baby – PASWG AMV
  • Strippa Dance Song – PASWG AMV
  • Samurai Angel – PASWG AMV
  • Fly Away Girl – PASWG AMV
  • Strippa Dance Song (Booty Bounce Remix) – PASWG AMV

I also produced an original song about Otakon back in 2012 entitled “It’s Otakon”. (It’s on youtube if you want to listen to it.) Perhaps it’s time for me to stop thinking about it, and start doing it. Yeah, this might be kinda fun! 🙂

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