Let’s Get Ready 2 Rumble!!!

Everybody hates Mondays, but your Monday Nights are about to get a bit more interesting. Get ready for a smash mouth brawl of epic proportions made by you (the fans), as your favorite anime characters duke it out to see who’s the best in the anime world! D&A Anime Blog proudly presents a brand new drop down menu known as Fight Night Monday (FNM)!

On September 12 @ 10pm, we kick off our Fight Night Monday with a DBZ takeover; where we pit the Z Warriors and their foes against your favorite anime characters to see who’s top dog! The fights are decided by the number (and percentage) of twitter votes on our twitter page, and we’ll have the fallout every Wednesday Night around the same time. Don’t miss this exciting segment of our blog/site as we take what you hate about Mondays, and make them great again! 🙂