Who’s Ready 4 D&A Shout-Outs…?

We’re giving shout-outs to all of the awesome cosplayers we met up with during Otakon’s final year in Baltimore! Check out their websites and support them! 🙂

SaharaCosplay (Better Cosplay Through Science)

  • HatakeAndSaharaCosplay.tumblr.com
  • DeviantART (SaharaCosplay)
  • Facebook.com/HatakeSaharaCosplay

Anime Castle

Knight Of Virtue Cosplay & Cupcake Kisses Cosplay

  • Facebook.com/KnightOfVirtueCosplay
  • Facebook.com/CupcakeKissesCosplay

Anime Sekai

Space B00ty

  • spaceb00ty.tumblr.com
  • youtube.com/spaceb00ty
  • twitter.com/spaceb00ty

Beyond Cynical Cosplays

  • Facebook.com/BeyondCynicalCosplays
  • Beyondcynicalcosplays.tumblr.com
  • Beyondcynicalcosplays@yahoo.com