100 Twitter followers?

This can be a major accomplishment that can come to past, but we need your help to do it. We’ve already posted our #100thTweet and now we’re trying to reach #100Followers. Spread the world of D&A to your friends, neighbors, and anyone that loves anime and manga as much as you (we) do, and we’re confident if you do that, we’ll reach #100Followers! 🙂

Anime of the Month Returns Tomorrow!

Anime of the Month is coming back full force with our brand new pick! Just like with our last pick, we’ll break down our anime title episode-by-episode in order to give you the full scoop. D&A Fridays is going to be a lot more active so be sure to check in with us every now and then to see all the sweet stuff we’ve got goin’ on! 🙂

Following us just got a whole lot easier…

We’ve just installed out Twitter plugin on the blog/site’s sidebar, so now it’ll make things way more easier to “Follow” us! Now with both our Facebook and Twitter timelines, posts, and tweets all on the same site, you’ll never have to worry about clicking off D&A just to see what’s goin’ on in our feeds! Everything you need is all right here! 🙂

We thank you again for the support and love we’re getting for the blog, and we’re just gonna get better from this point on…