D&A EPs Update!!

Although the release date is still TBA, we have some new updates about our official EPs for the blog! The title names for both of them has changed, and are now known as; “Anime Bassline”, and “Otaku Frequency”. Both EPs will have 6 tracks total, and will consist of popular EDM genres like Dubstep, Drum n’ Bass, Breakbeat, and Trapstep. The new track list will be posted on our twitter page @daanimeblog2016.

D&A Fridays has now launched!!

We’ve now launched our drop down segment D&A Fridays starting with our Anime of the Week, Anime Trivia, Manga of the Week, and Manga Trivia! We’ll kick off Anime of the Month between late Saturday morning and mid afternoon with our pick, while also looking for more anime conventions for you all to go to. We’ll keep you updated on the latest so stay tuned! 🙂