Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Three!

What’s good guys n’ gals! We’re back with another review from our Anime REvisited segment featuring our pick; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! So right now we’ve already met Jubei Yagyu as well as her samurai form, but the question remains…who the heck is she really? Guess we’ll find out in our third episode review!

Title Card

The episode opens up with Jubei doing some sword training with Matabei, but so far in her base form she’s pretty much a rookie. Muneakira and Sanada are trying to figure out just who Jubei is as well as who her Samurai General is. The General of course is the one who unlocks the power sealed within the Master Saumrai, and is unlocked by the pact (or kiss) of the general. Right before the opening credits Princess Sen tells everyone that the fate of the ‘criminals’ Matabei and Sanada have been decided. They are to leave the dojo and never return; much to Jubei’s disappointment that she’ll never get to enjoy Matabei’s cooking.

With Sanada and Matabei gone Princess Sen declares that she’ll be living in the dojo along with Hanzo, but yeah, Muneakira is already regretting that arrangement. (Future “A Founder’s Thought’s” post on the subject of Tsundere’s coming soon!) Midway through the episode Muneakira and Sen talk about the real reason why he was brought to the academy; to investigate several incidents of academy students disappearing, and why Sanada and Matabei might be the ones behind it – even though that assumption seems a bit farfetched. At this point in the episode Inner Jubei returns as a result of her kissing Muneakira after being frightened by a bad dream; which will turn out to be a major plot point later on in the series. She then blows up part of the interior room of the dojo as Sen and Hanzo find themselves outside while Jubei holds her daito katana in her right hand before pointing the blade at Sen’s neck.

It’s at this very moment when Sanada and Matabei return to fight Jubei, as they claim she is the shadow that has cast itself upon Great Japan. Taking those as ‘fightin’ words’ Jubei charges at the duo as Matabei uses a flash bomb before she and Sanada take off into the forest. Jubei catches up as she faces Matabei after knocking out Sanada, while Muneakira is still bound by chains due to the pact he made with Jubei. The battle doesn’t last long as Jubei realizes that Matabei is frustrated that she feels she can’t protect Sanada the way she wants to, and even though she states that once the sword has been drawn there’s no turning back, Jubei sheathes her sword and tells Matabei that she’ll ‘let it slide’ this time. The next day Jubei is asleep as Muneakira and the others are still discovering just who exactly Jubei is…

So that pretty much wraps up the episode. We’re only three episodes in so the pace may seem a little on the slow side for some if you plan on checking this series out, but rest assured that it does pick up after the fourth episode and beyond. As always continue to look out for one another and stay awesome! 😉

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