Here’s What’s Up For Thanksgiving Week!

Hey guys! Before we start we just want to give our thoughts and prayers to the Morrow family; as we discovered that Kirby Morrow who you may know as the Ocean Dub DBZ’s Goku, has passed away. He was also heard in the original Inuyasha and was set to reprise his role in Yashahime. It’s a big loss in the anime and voice acting community, but we remember him as being awesome to his friends, his fans, and his family. May he Rest in Piece.

This year has been crazy, and although many of us won’t be able to gather together this Thanksgiving (unless your family members don’t live very far from you), be sure to give em’ a call or chat with them on Zoom. As for us we’ll not only be serving our family’s great food n’ good turkey, but we’ve got some more content comin’ your way!

Take the Saiyan Prince for example…

Best Frienemies: D&A’s Top 5 Anime Villains Who Became Good Guys!

Every action or fantasy anime title ever made has this one particular troupe! The main character beats the s%@! out of the main villain of a story arc, and a couple arcs later they become allies and even friends. Well, we pick our Top 5 anime villains who have done this and are now fighting for justice and peace alongside the hero whom they tried to kill!

What’s out there…?

What New / Re-Newed Shows To Watch For In 2021!

You’ve probably seen several promos for new anime titles and re-newed shows making their way to the Winter 2020/2021 season. We’ll poke around the internet to discover what will be coming to your favorite anime streaming services early next year!

Step into a New Dimension!

Our New Podcast Name Revealed!!

We’ve been wrecking our brains trying to find a good name for a podcast, and after putting out several polls on our social media pages, we may have an idea on what to call our new podcast name! Next week we do the grand unveiling of our new podcast!

That’s all we’ve got for now, see you guys next week! 🙂

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