Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Eight!

Here we go again! It’s high time for another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! So this particular episode has multiple references from classic 90’s cartoons as well as iconic movies, and we’re here to break em’ all down for ya!


Kicking off the first half of the eighth episode; we find Panty, Stocking, and Garterbelt in a brand new town called Romeo & Caperna town located somewhere east or west of Daten City. The two of them became honorary police chiefs for the day, only to be barricaded inside a building along with a few other bystanders; where hordes of zombie ghosts have surrounded them from the outside. (Yep, this is a Walking Dead episode.) Garterbelt tells the angels that the only way to kill them is to smash their brains due to the fact their angelic weapons have no effect. Eventually the girls along with the other remaining bystanders (because most of em’ are zombies now) manage to make it across the street to a gun store – but thanks to Panty’s dumbass habit they ended up in a sex shop instead.

It’s soon discovered that the zombie ghosts came from an elixir brought by the Demon Sisters. Panty and Stocking figure out that all this was their plan, so they grabbed whatever weapons they could use, and fight their way up to the hill where they were. To do so Garterbelt told them to grab See-Through, pick him and the rest of the bystanders up, and drive through the undead horde to where the Demon Sisters were. They make it to See-Through, but got bitten by a zombified Chuck. Garterbelt continues to fight against the horde alone, as all of the bystanders are now zombies. He then suddenly meets the newly zombified Panty and Stocking; as they retain all of their consciousness and reasoning due to the fact that since their angels, they’re technically already dead. Garter gets eaten by the girls as a zombified Scanty and Kneesocks walk around feeling real stupid as their plan backfired.

The second half of the episode deals with a game show-like trial called “Judgment Day”. Panty and Stocking are on trial for the death of a ghost named Mr. Petter; who resembles Ren from Ren & Stimpy, with the wife resembling Stimpy. The angels are given a choice by a prosecutor named Tom Croose (that’s two references already) on what lawyer they want to represent them, so they picked number three, and it ended up being a monkey in a suit. Between Panty’s pole dancing on national television, Stocking making a Dead Leaves reference (also created/directed by the series creator/director), and the monkey suddenly turning into Ace Attorney, the game show trial takes a crazy turn for the worst – if you could even call it that. Like the last half of the episode, the Demon Sisters are involved whole heartedly; as the angels somehow uncovered their plan and foiled it thanks to the Ace Attorney monkey. Now that just leaves the Stimpy-looking ghost, so Panty and Stocking did what they do best and killed it.

So how many references were there? I counted seven total in this episode; two in the first half, and five in the second half. That will do it for this episode review, and from us to you; stay safe, stay united against the troubles of this world, and stay nerdy! 😉

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