D&A Friday’s A.O.T.W. Title: The Rising of the Shield Hero!

Welcome to the first day of Summer! Spring is gone, school is out, and anime convention season will be at an all-time high. With all that in mind we’ve decided to resurrect an old favorite segment of ours from way back; D&A Friday’s Anime of the Week! To celebrate the return of this awesome segment as well as kick off the first day of Summer, we’ve got a new and recent anime title for you guys n’ gals to check out, and it’s known as The Rising of the Shield Hero!

The main cast!

Here’s the overview:

Naofumi Iwatani is an easy-going Japanese youth who happens to find himself summoned to a parallel world along with three others from parallel universes. They soon become heroes and each of them are given legendary equipment when summoned. While the three men got weapons (such as spears and swords) Naofumi got a legendary shield used as a defensive weapon – of course. Due to the betrayal of his only friend who happened to be Princess Myne, Naofumi had no choice but to become a hero on his own, but not without the help of a tanuki demi-human girl named Raphtalia as well as an egg that hatches into a bird creature girl named “Filo”. Together they work to restore the trust between the people and him, as Naofumi and his new companions become heroes of this new world, while uncovering its deepest and darkest secrets.

You can find this anime series on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow!

Until next post, stay nerdy! 🙂


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