American Anime Spotlight: Kappa Mikey (2005-2008)

Somewhere between 1995-2008 a lot of great animated shows were watched by (just about) every 90’s kid in America. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were the holy grail of our childhood; with shows like Rocko’s Modern Life, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, and more! Today we’re shining the spotlight on a mid 2000’s classic that you might remember from your high school days. Back then we weren’t just crazy about (Avatar) The Last Airbender, but there was another title that was known as the ‘first anime title’ to ever be created from our own backyard. Tonight we’re shining the American Anime Spotlight on the Nicktoons title known as Kappa Mikey!

Although 90’s kids know the premise of the show, a lot of boys and girls of the Z Generation may not. Not to worry, we’re more than happy to tell you! 😉

The show is about a 19-year-old ginger-haired boy named Mikey Simon from America, who’s a self-centered adolescent who got lucky and found himself as the main star in a popular Japanese TV show called LilyMu. He then gets flown to Japan where everybody is Anime, and we mean EVERYBODY! Mikey along with his anime co-stars; Lily, Gonard, Mitsuki, and Guano, get into a lot of crazy and hilarious antics when they’re not working on their show, while under the direction and (somewhat annoyance) of Ozo, the TV producer of the show with his right hand assistant Yes-Man. The show basically follows the lives of Mikey and company on and off screen, as they get into shenanigans of all kinds all up and down Tokyo, Japan.

The show relies heavily on various comedic tropes from anime; such as the ‘big sweatdrop’ that we’re all familiar with, over-the-top surprised faces, and many other things. The show only has two seasons at 26 episodes a piece, so you’ll probably get through it in roughly two weeks tops (or sooner). It’s been over ten years since the series ended on Nickelodeon and made the transition to Nicktoons Network, but now the topic of a possible reboot has come up.

Even though the show is a bit underrated in some aspects (as it tries to put a funny-yet-parodic twist on Japanese culture with anime as its representation), having the show get some kind of a remake or reboot doesn’t seem like a totally bad idea. Perhaps Nickelodeon could collaborate with Production I.G. or Studio Trigger or one of the animation studios in Japan to give fans that authentic Eastern-Western experience with Kappa Mikey’s reboot. Or…they could give the reboot the ‘Samurai Jack’ treatment now that Kappa Mikey fans are in their 30’s, but if they did that then the creator would have to toss the reboot over to Adult Swim – which to us personally would make sense.

Well, that’s enough out of us, but what do you guys think? Should Kappa Mikey get a remake/reboot and second shot on the airwaves? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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