Special Announcement: D&A Are Going To Be Official Guests at Animore!!

Who would’ve thought working closely with an anime convention was finally going to payoff! After sharing our experiences with you guys for three years we are officially going to be guests at our ‘Home Base’ anime convention in Baltimore, MD known as Animore (located at the Hyatt Regency). For any My Hero Academia fans we’ve got voice actors Anthony Bowling and Josh Grelle, as well as Tia Ballard and Felecia Angelle. You might also know them from other titles like Danganronpa, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Cat Planet Cuties, Darling in the FRANXX, and more! This three-day convention starts this Friday and ends this Sunday.

As guests here are the two panels that we’ll be doing:

Toonami: The Legacy Panel

Saturday January 12, 2019 @ 11:00 am

This panel recaps the entire 20+ year history of the best animated-action block to ever hit the airwaves. Every 90’s that has experienced this programming block has had their lives changed in some sort of way, and has been there for us during our lowest of times. D&A takes you back in time as they recap and revisit the moments and highlights of any and everything Toonami, and what new shows we hope to see in its future programming schedule.

Anime Trivia Night: Who Am I?

Saturday January 12, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

This is an original panel that we’ve created just for fun. This game has three sets; the first is multiple choice with two clues given for each question, the second deals with guessing randomly selected anime openings within 10 seconds of being played, and the final set is similar to the first set – but with only two choices and one clue (plus points are multiplied in this set). There are seven questions with the first set, seven with the second, and only five with the third. The goal is to reach 10000 or more points and there are going to be three teams of two people each. We’ll do two games and the winning team from both games will go head-to-head in the fourth set called The Danganronpa Set; a lightning round set of five questions with two answers. The team who gets the most answers right gets their previous total from the game they won, doubled. The losing team gets their points executed. (Upupupupupu!)

That’s all we’ve got for announcements, so until next post, stay gold! 😉