5 Anime Christmas Specials That Will Get You In The Holiday Spirit!

With the weather getting colder and the threat of snow looming overhead, it’s safe to say that it is officially that time of the year! Now that the Black Friday rush is a distant memory, most of us have already filled out our checklist of what we wanted this holiday season. (Of course for anime fans, its more anime.)

With various Christmas specials such as Rudolph and Frosty The Snowman making their annual rerun on television, anime fans will find themselves streaming new episodes and titles online, or make their way to any anime conventions that are happening this month. If you’re looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit as an anime fan, but don’t want to do it in the conventional way, check out these five Christmas specials from some of your favorite anime titles that will put some “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in your holiday! 😉

Itsudatte My Santa! (OVA)

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you happened to be born on Christmas Eve, and you’re named after jolly ol’ Saint Nick himself? Well this is the story of San-chan (aka Santa), a boy who hated Christmas due to the fact that he grew up as a lonely child. Neglected by his parents he never saw Christmas for what it truly was; about family, giving joy, good will, and peace on earth. All of that changes when he meets a girl named Mai, who shows him the true meaning of what Christmas is all about!

This OVA was created by Love Hina and Negima! creator, Ken Akamatsu. This one’s a bit of an ecchi episode, so no kiddies allowed!

Hetalia: Axis Powers (Episode 31)

Hetalia has had a bit of a following during the time it made its way to North America, so its no surprise that it was going to have its own Christmas themed episode. So if you want to know what the Hetalia gang is doing for Christmas, be sure to check out this episode! (The real clip is online, and you’ll have to log in to use it because its TV-MA.)

Ranma 1/2 (OVA 2 – The Christmas Special)

Christmas is that special time of year where family and friends gather together and fellowship with one another. In the world of anime (especially in Ranma 1/2) however, the jolly time spent together doesn’t always turn out the way it was supposed to be. Kasumi has a dream about Santa Claus, and is told to hold a Christmas party at the dojo. Every character from the main series is invited and of course, all hell breaks loose. Will Ranma be able to survive the night and make it to Christmas morning?

Cardcaptors (Cardcaptor Sakura) – Christmas Episode 35

With Clear Card already out, the Cardcaptor Sakura fanbase has reignited and rejuvenated itself among the reborn classics of anime. With Christmas rolling around in the coming weeks, OG Cardcaptor fans may be streaming this particular episode to get themselves ready for the holiday season.

Punchline – Episode 3 (Christmas)

When you find out that the world will end after Christmas Eve, there’s really no way to process what the next set of actions will be after hearing that kind of news. For Yuta Iridatsu, he’s in a situation where he’s a spirit watching over his female roommates from an apartment complex, however if he sees their panties twice in one day, a giant meteor falls on the Earth and destroys it. Why does he find himself going to so many Christmas parties after hearing the news of Y2K before New Years? You’ll have to watch and find out! (No kiddies allowed, this is NOT a G-rated title!)

There are various other anime Christmas specials out there that fans can enjoy, so if you find any that you want to tell us about, let us know in the comments section. And on that note, this wraps up our filler post like an early Christmas gift on Layaway! XP

Until next post (and next week), stay golden! 😉

Otaku Outlook: It’s Showtime!!

This one just in; we think you’ve waited and listened to us long enough about our reddit page reveal long enough! Our original date was set to be this coming Friday, but we’ve pushing it up to tomorrow night – starting with our first Topic of Discussion (TOD). With this new update of ours our blog posting schedule will remain the same, but with a few changes…

  • Monday / Monday Night: The Blog and Otaku Outlook are Active
  • Tuesday / Tuesday Night: The Blog and Otaku Outlook are Active
  • Wednesday Night: Otaku Outlook is Active
  • Thursday / Thursday Night: The Blog and Otaku Outlook are Active
  • Friday / Friday Night: The Blog and Otaku Outlook are Active (on certain Fridays)
  • Saturday Night: Otaku Outlook is Active

We’re so excited to introduce this new feature (well, page) to our blog, and we hope you guys and gals will love it too! Until next post, stay gold! 😉

The (Brief) Origin Story of the Anime & Manga Nosebleed!

When you watch anime or read manga, you’re bound to find common tropes that many fans find either humorous, repetitive, or even annoying. Nevertheless they act as either a key component to a character arch-type, or play a part in the overall story. Out of all the tropes that anime fans have come to know and love, one in particular can be found in almost any anime title that’s out there in the modern world. (DBZ, SAO, One Piece, you name it, it’s happened at least once.)

The Anime Nosebleed trope is a reoccurring trope that’s been around since the 90’s (and possibly the 80’s). The only time you ever see them is during scenes where a male anime character (or several of them) spot a rather attractive female with bouncy boobs, and an outfit that shows a little more skin than it should. Other times it happens when a school girl’s skirt gets blown upwards due to an unexpected draft that comes out of nowhere. Nosebleeds in general are actually caused by damage to the septum, and because it’s the most fragile part of the human body (due to it being all cartilage), the nose is the most susceptible to bleeding than any other body part.

When you walk in on your crush…naked.

So what does anime have to do with bleeding noses? Well in anime theory; nosebleeds are a symbol of sexual arousal whenever a guy sees an attractive girl, or vice versa. The individual’s blood pressure begins to rise as their heart rate increases, and throw in some ‘motivational’ thoughts and images of said guy or girl, and ‘Pop!’ goes their weasel-nose! Contrary to popular belief its said that one reason why we’re seeing this trope happen more often than other tropes could be this theory; the portrayal of extreme stimulation and excessive energy that can be found in professional wrestlers giving small cuts to themselves, could have been the motivation behind why nosebleeds are being portrayed via stimulation and excess energy.

Bottom line; it’s a form of expression that keeps a lot of anime titles from turning into hentai, however there are ‘certain’ titles that cross this line in a way that can only be described as a southbound version of a white nosebleed. (I think we all know which one(s) we’re talking about.)

So if you ever find yourself introducing a newcomer to anime, and they happen to come across a nosebleed scene, you can explain this to them. Nosebleeds are somewhat of a PG-rated equivalent to the sexual arousal that guys experience whenever their pants get ‘bigger’ if you catch what we’re getting at. (Yeah, if you’ve been to a nightclub or anime con rave, then you know!) That will do it for us on this little filler post about the nosebleed section, but stick around, because this week we launch our official reddit page known as Otaku Outlook! What will we talk about? You’ll have to wait and see! 😉


The (Brief) Origin Story of “Waifu” and “Husbando”

When the otaku culture was in its infancy stages, there were basic terms and meanings that have made the transition from Japan to North America. For modern day fans those terms would include such words as kawaii which means ‘cute’, and senpai which means ‘someone you admire’. The word otaku of course meant that an individual has vast knowledge (and an obsession) of a certain topic that others may deem insignificant. In Japan the word meant that you were a straight-up loser, but in America its definition was redefined as an individual who not only knows a lot about something (usually anime), but is a functioning member of society.

The two words that have been circulating throughout the anime/otaku community for a good number of years now, has to be the words waifu and husbando. A handful of anime titles (and its abridged parodies) have been using this word to describe certain character types throughout the show, but where exactly did the words waifu and husbando come from? Before we answer that question, let’s bring up the real definition behind them.

Where do I know this girl from…?

A waifu is a term for a fictional character (pretty much from anime or video games) that a male fan has great admiration for, or is in love with and wants to make their wife. Like otaku, the term waifu has come under some kind of scrutiny from the outside world; that being the fact that you’re so in love with an imaginary girl who doesn’t even exist, that you’ve sworn off real women in order to fulfill your affection for something that is transparent. Nevertheless male anime fans love and admire female anime characters, and are willing to defend them by any means necessary. On the flip side, a husbando is basically a male version of a waifu – only for fangirls.

The true origins of the word ‘waifu’ comes from Japanese borrowing of the English word wife. The 80’s was the first indication of the term ever being used in Japan; where the word was used more often due to the limitations of the word ‘kanai’, which means ‘in the house’. When the early 2000’s rolled around however, waifu took on a different meaning throughout the anime and manga culture.

Nowadays the term is used to describe a female character that male fans are particularly fond of, however because of the sheer amount of anime that is currently available, fandoms have adopted more than just one waifu – which has lead to a few waifu wars. (That’s another post for another time.)

“Your husbando doesn’t exsist!” – Unknown

Like waifu, husbando is an anime or video game character that female fans admire or even want to marry. There are some moments in anime where we see ourselves as either the waifu or the husbando. When it comes to relationships, the male and female characters that we see in anime come from all walks of life. Some of them may have gone through a traumatic experience that has left them feeling vulnerable on a mental, emotional, and psychological scale; while others want to become a better version of themselves and be there for the ones they love.

Life has a funny way of teaching us some things that we can’t learn from our parents, but in the terms of the waifu-husbando relationship, it’s basically translated as a husband-wife relationship filled with the desire to be there for one another. The husbando is the one that will be there for the girl that he loves; to protect her from the dangers of the world, to listen to her, and to care for her in times of need. The waifu is the one that encourages the guy that she loves; to nurture him, to support him in his struggles, and to remind him how much she loves and appreciates him.

Having a waifu or husbando that you love or admire, doesn’t completely mean that you won’t find that girl or guy who possesses the same traits. Nobody’s perfect, as the ones we call our waifus and husbandos may have some baggage or may have gone through some things that almost broke them mentally and emotionally. We look up to these male and female anime (and video game) characters as a source of inspiration; individuals who we want to model our personalities after. Yeah, the outside world may not understand it, but if you have a waifu or husbando that you admire, continue to admire them. (But please avoid any wars if you can. >.<)

That will do it for this filler post, but we’ve got more great stuff coming your way! As always and forever, stay gold! 😉

Fight On: The Top 5 Best Anime Fights!

If there’s one thing that anime fans love, it’s watching an epic battle between two opponents who seem equally powerful to one another. If you’re watching a show like Dragon Ball Super or Fairy Tail (or even Seven Deadly Sins), you’re bound to find yourself watching an epic clash that makes the story and show even more exciting to watch. This is very common in a lot of the action-adventure anime that’s out here in this day and age, but there are a handful of one-on-one showdowns that many fans believe should be on the Anime Hall of Fame. We may not have one of those yet, but hopefully this post will make up for it. Here are our Top 5 most epic anime battles…




5. Akame vs. Esdeath – Akame ga Kill

When it comes to anime titles that center around assassins, you’re bound to find some epic battles that will take place. This is one of them; Akame finally goes toe-to-toe with the blue-haired maiden of ice herself, Esdeath. The fight was indeed intense as Esdeath tried to pass on her darwinistic beliefs on Akame, but being a free spirit as well as a wanted assassin, Akame fought for what she believed in – freedom. We would tell you how it ends, but what’s the fun in that?





4. Alucard vs. Luke Valentine – Hellsing Ultimate

Some fans like their vampires to be cute while others want them to be the misunderstood badasses that we know from folklore. The master of all vampires is neither cute nor misunderstood, he’s just a straight badass! You haven’t seen how a true-blooded vampire does battle until you’ve seen it done in Hellsing Ultimate. Don’t believe us? Watch the clip for yourself.


3. Ikki vs. Sword Eater – Chivalry of a Failed Knight

For some reason this anime title flew under the radar in the underrated category, however there were some pretty awesome fights that took place none the less. This of course brings us to this particular match up between Ikki and the one called the Sword Eater. After watching the series ourselves and out of all the battles we saw, this one was the most interesting. A fight between a semi-cocky underdog protagonist and a brash and prideful douchebag? Wonder who comes out on top…?






2. Naruto vs. Sasuke – Naruto Shippuden

You can’t do a list of epic anime battles without adding the rivalry battle of Naruto and Sasuke! The orange-haired ninja has come a long way since 2002, and now he’s the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village who is married to the Hidden Leaf’s best girl! (Don’t make us choose.) Before Next Generations a rematch of the Final Valley battle happens between these two shinobi, who happen to be teammates. Afterwards these two are seen fighting against stronger enemies while on the same side, so that says a lot about the growth between these two – even though they were on different paths.



1. Goku vs. Frieza – Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super

We can talk about this a thousand and one times, and it will still be one of the most epic anime battles that fans have ever laid eyes on. We all remember growing up in the 90’s with the anime starter kit that was Dragon Ball Z, and we remember the day that Goku finally snapped when he came face to face with the tyrant Frieza. We’ve been blessed to see this epic showdown between these two fighters more than once, and with Frieza’s new golden form, will we get the chance to see them go at it again? (We probably will.)

From the 90’s to now there have been some great battles that have taken place in some of our favorite anime titles within the action-adventure/fighting genre. Even though these are our top picks in terms of anime battles, what are some of your favorite battles from your favorite shows? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next post anime fans and anibloggers, stay golden! 😉

PASWG: Sonic Khaotica 2nd Sneak Peek!

As a disclaimer, we don’t own any of the characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt series. (Except for the OC’s in the fanfiction.) This fanfiction is rated M for language, dirty jokes, and anything you’ve seen in PSG.

Sonic did a spinning roundhouse kick as the ghost slammed against the oak tree before the hedgehog finished it off with an energy blast using his own Khaotica. The assault did a little over 10000 HP in total damage due to the ghost’s extremely low defense stat. “I was really trying to avoid doing this, but a hog’s gotta do what a hog’s gotta do!” he smirked.

The other tree root ghosts powered up their Khaotica as well, but it proved no match against Sonic’s speed and trained combat skills. One of the ghosts tried to launch a projectile at the hedgehog but dodged out of the way before launching an uppercut to its face. Sonic then followed up the attack with another spinning roundhouse as the tree root ghost smashed against another tree before dying (having its HP drop to 0).

Three other tree root ghosts lunged at Sonic as the hedgehog was prepared for a 3-on-1 rumble. The ghosts launched a flurry of stabs as Sonic used his speed to dodge all of them; afterwards he spun into a spinning blue ball, and vigorously attacked the ghosts with multiple strikes via Homing Attack. Each hit carved out chunks of their HP until the ghosts were down to less than 300 each, and then Sonic destroyed them all with a blast of Khaotica. After the smoke has cleared he set his sights on Lily…

You’re a meanie!” she pouted as she slowly descended to the ground. “Meanies are bullies that deserved to be punished! So prepare to be punished, meanie!

Sonic stood in his battle pose as Lily increased her Khaotica a little bit more than before. “Wow, her power’s even higher than before! Garter said that if she’s over 25000% I’ll have a tough time beating her, so I’ll have to wrap this play date up quick!

Lily charged full speed ahead at Sonic as the hedgehog soon found himself on the defending side of the battle. He had no choice but to block a flurry of punches and kicks from the little girl, as her Khaotica kept increasing in the process. Eventually he saw and opening, as Sonic took the opportunity to attack Lily with a jab to the face and a knee to the abdomen. Normally he would never fight girls (especially little ones), unless they were a massive threat to anyone or anything.

That’s no way to treat a lady, meanie!” sneered the girl ghost as she slapped Sonic in the face causing him skid on the ground several feet. He managed to rebound as he did a backflip before landing on his feet, but not before having his HP cut to the low 8000’s. Lily didn’t stop there, as Sonic again found himself on the defensive end but managed to put some distance between him and the little ghost girl using his speed.

“I guess your mother never spanked you, did she?! Guess I’ll have to!” Sonic shot back. He phased out using his Khaotica before reappearing behind Lily, and struck her with multiple punches and kicks before launching her upwards with a shockwave of Khaotica. Although she took the full damage from the attack, Lily activated her special ability that Garterbelt had warned Sonic about, as her HP was fully recovered to 10000. She then landed on the ground gracefully before turning her attention to the hedgehog that attacked her.

You’re gonna have to fight better than that, meanie!” smirked Lily. “The others played with me a lot better than you!

Sonic knew that as long as Lily’s Khaotica level was above 25000%, he was going to have a hard time taking this boss down. He had to come up with a new strategy, and fast!

Just an FYI, the different Khaotica levels are based off the power levels found in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game; only Sonic and the others power up in increments of 5000 (with 5000% being the base level of Khaotica power), and health or HP is locked at 10000 for regular Players/Bosses (and 20000 for the Final Boss).