Fanfiction Sneak Peek: PASWG: Sonic Khaotica!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy (Dirty Humor)

Warning: This fanfiction title is rated M (which is Fanfiction’s TV-MA) for language, sex scenes, and everything you saw in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. So without further delay, here’s a sneak peek from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Sonic Khaotica

One of the female angels that trains with the others at the facility, spotted the Anarchy siblings before they spotted the angel. “If you two are looking for everyone else, they’re all in there,” she said while pointing at the two red doors up ahead.

Well obviously…” both sisters thought.

Panty and Stocking opened the red doors as they saw what looked to be a mini coliseum of sorts that resembled the ones that you’d see in Ancient Rome. All of the other angels except for Red and her trainee stood in the stands as the Anarchy sisters approached the center of the coliseum. “One hour,” smirked Red, “I’m surprised you two made it on time.”

“When it comes to an ass whuppin’ we’re always on time!” replied Panty in a smirk.

“You always were the cocky one Panty. I can count how many times we’ve had to save you from certain destruction during our assignments from God. Yet, you always claimed that it wasn’t your fault afterwards,” stated Red.

“Sure, keep spreading that fuckin’ lie. While you’re at it, why don’t I tell the class what really happened to Gauntlet,” grinned the blonde angel. Stocking knew that her sister was dating him for a while, but the one major detail she left out was the fact that Gauntlet was actually Red’s boyfriend. She wondered why he hadn’t called or seen her in the last several weeks, and that was because he was busy riding the ‘Panty Train’.

Red’s eyes widened upon hearing his name. “You wanna know why you’ve never seen him around these parts for weeks? It’s not because he was on another fuckin’ mission, but he was busy fuckin’ my tits out!” Panty continued.

The other angels gasped while a depanned look appeared on the face of Stocking. As for Red, the best way to describe the expression on her face would be the one you’d make when you’re looking for blood. As her Khaotica surged Red’s body began to glow white, as her eyes were deadlocked on Panty. “You FUCKING WHORE!” she growled. “Forget the tag team battle, I just want you INSTEAD!”

Pissing Red off just filled Panty with glee, as the blonde angel charged up her Khaotica as well. “It’s no wonder I question why I’m even related to you,” groaned Stocking.

“Who the fuck cares, I’ve been waiting to pound this bitch for weeks!” replied Panty.

As both angels stood in the center of the coliseum both had their eyes locked on each other. The referee angel stood at the far side of the center as she gave the signal to start the battle. A split second after doing so both Panty and Red came at each other with explosive speed; trading blows with one another at high velocity. Red launched a kick to Panty’s face only for the blonde angel to block it and counter with one of her own. Red dodged out of the way as the blonde angel phased out before launching a knee thrust at her.

Panty reappeared behind Red as she launched a roundhouse kick that smacked the red haired angel across the face. Red phased out in midair before reappearing behind Panty, as the blonde angel felt a sharp pain in her back before being launched upward. A cocky grin suddenly appeared on the face of Panty as she fired a powerful wave of Khaotica energy at Red (similar to Goku’s Kamehameha). The angels in the stands were watching the battle unfold while some were cheering for Panty, while the rest were cheering for Red.

Red dodged out of the way of the blast just in the nick of time, as Panty landed on her feet before looking at the mid-sized crater she made. “So I guess you have been training, huh skank?” said Red as Panty spotted her floating in midair. “I thought since you were busy screwing my man you wouldn’t be tough enough to face me.”

That’s our sneak peek! The finalized version is coming January 2019!!

Until next time, stay gold! 😉


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