Otaku Outlook Announcement: The Wait is (Almost) Over!

A while back we made the announcement that we were going to be introducing our official reddit page as part of an extension of D&A Anime Blog. So far we’ve been trying to gather a date of when we were going to peel back the curtain for one of our newest features, and guess what guys n’ gals, we now have our answer! Our Otaku Outlook reddit page will make its official grand opening on Friday December 7, 2018. Aside from headline posts about various events and news regarding the anime industry, we’ll also be posting open questions about different topics surrounding the anime community; that you (the fans) can weigh in on.

Every Friday and Saturday night our reddit page will be open to all, so if you want the latest news on what new shows are out or what’s trending in the anime community, check out our Otaku Outlook reddit page; coming December 7th! Until next post, stay golden! 😉