The Top 5 Final Boss Battle OST’s!

For a large number of us who love anime, there’s also a large number of us who love video games. There have been moments where the anime and gaming community have merged into one, and that can be found in just about every anime convention you go to. While we’re on the subject of video games, for those of us who have played enough action/adventure platformers and RPGs, there’s always going to be a boss that you’ll have to fight upon reaching the end of a section of the game.

Some bosses can range in difficulty from minor to major, but the true test is going to be the very LAST boss in the game. When it comes to video game OST’s, the soundtrack of the final boss is supposed to be as epic as the battle itself! Here are our Top 5 Final Boss Battle OST’s…

5. Miracle Matter – Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

When you reach the final boss of this N64 game, you (as the hungry pink hero we all know and love) will come face to face with a powerful entity known as the Miracle Matter. Not only is the battle going to be epic, but its got an OST to match its own intensity! If that’s not exciting, then we don’t know what is.

4. Vs. Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans

This is the first ‘real’ RPG in the DBZ franchise, and by real we mean turn-based. After leveling up your Z-Warriors to a certain point, you’ll face the ruthless saiyan prince himself on an all-familiar battlefield. The Goku-Vegeta rivalry is one of the most legendary rivalries in the history of anime, and its got a nice OST to boot – even though its on the DS.

3. Bowletta – Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (3DS)

If you thought the final boss battle OST was epic back when this title was on the Game Boy Advance, then the reboot will bring back that nostalgia in the most epic way possible! With upgraded graphics and brand new features, everything about this title that was old, has become new again!

2. Boss/Final Boss Theme – Plok (SNES)

Even though this game didn’t exactly get the credit it deserved, the OST was on point during the time that it was being produced. Tim Follin of the Follin Brothers is the creative producer behind the entire OST of this game, and despite the fact that its underrated, the sound was ahead of its time.

1. Metal Madness – Sonic Heroes

You haven’t seen true despair (sit down, Monokuma) until you’ve heard it from the OST of this title in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Even though Metal Sonic is the last person we’d expect to be the game’s final boss, the music brought about how truly ruthless he could become – if he wasn’t trolling Sonic all the time due to Eggman’s influence. Nevertheless it did put players on the edge of their seats after collecting all seven chaos emeralds and staring that cold blue metallic body right in its face!

And that ends our Top 5 Final Boss Battle OST’s for this post! If we haven’t shared the news with you just yet, we FINALLY have our own Instagram page, as you can check out all of the cosplay pics that we’ve taken from Anime USA and other cons. Until next post, stay gold! 😉

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