It’s D&A Announcement Time!!

As we close in on the last couple days of February, its about time to issue some new announcements for us on the D&A front! To kick off this announcement filler post we’re proud to announce that we will be attending Anime Festival Orlando in Orlando, Florida this year, located at the Wyndam Resort on International Drive. So to any of our fans who live in or near Orlando, Florida you can see us there on August 3-5th. Next up is the new name for our fan fiction story. The original name for our Sonic/PSG crossover was entitled Sonic Crusaders of Anarchy, has now been changed to Sonic Strikers: Crusaders of Anarchy. The story itself has been divided into three arcs; two of which are originally created for that story.

Sonic Strikers (Crusaders of Anarchy)

Moving on to some anime conventions for the month of March. We’ll be combing the internet for some brand new ones (both big, small, and mid-sized) and in the Summer, we’ll be introducing some new subpages for Cons Near U that highlight anime/video game conventions in other countries like Europe, Brazil, South America, and more! We’re also in the process of creating our very own mascot to represent the blog, so we’ll keep you updated on any new info that comes up. Although we never thought about it we’re thinking about creating a Twitch channel in order to expand our online presence. If you have any suggestions on what content we should have on it, just shoot us your suggestions on our Contact Us page.

That’s all we’ve got as far as announcements are concerned, but don’t worry, cuz’ we’ve got more posts and more excitement coming up right here on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 🙂