D&A Anime Blog: New Music & Fanfiction For 2018!

Ugh, 2017 has been an okay year, but we’re pretty much ready to walk into 2018. It’s been almost a week since our last post but on the bright side of things, we’ve decided to reboot an old 2013 Sonic/PSG crossover fanfiction entitled “Crusaders of Anarchy”. (Formally known as “Sonic plus Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt”.) We’ve also revamped our music segment to include two self-produced albums exclusively for the blog; one being an EP called New Game, the other is a collection of retro video game remixes entitled Flashback Friday.

Sorry that our post is way shorter than our usual ones, but to help us gather our ideas for filler posts, anime reviews, and music sneak peeks, we’re going to be taking a two-week break and returning with a posting-vengeance on January 1, 2018! We’ll be having some panels at the conventions that we’ll be attending next year, so if you want the full D&A experience, then be sure to check us out in action at one of our upcoming panels.

To all of our fans and friends, thank you for making 2017 awesome! And we’ll be seeing each and every one of you guys next year! 🙂