Online Games & Otaku Culture! Welcome to the Anime Fandom!!

Need we say more? We already know that the anime fandom is bigger than others may think, and it’s also one of the most popular mediums that Japan has to offer! Anime is one of the most powerful forms of animation, that tells a beautiful story with memorable characters, touching scenes, and vivid colors and backgrounds. Get swept into the world of MMORPG, as you journey through the lives of otaku gamers in And You Thought there was Never a Girl Online? Or enjoy a story about the life of otaku and anime fans in the manga title Genshiken. Either way, you’re livin’ the otaku life baby! 😉

Slash Saturday returns after its two week vacation to bring you killer samurai anime titles, and of course our male and female samurai Hall of Fame inductees! See you all then, you awesome otaku you! 😉 

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