D&A’s Got Your Freaky Friday Nights!

The spirit of Halloween is truly in the air, so why not throw in some horror anime titles and have a good scare! D&A Fridays is back and its brought some great anime and manga titles to get you in the mood for chills and thrills; from vampire-like creatures terrorizing a town, to a reptile human who likes to eat heads. (Human heads, that is!) Don’t watch or read alone tonight, or you may find yourself in a world of fright…

Halloween…70’s Anime Style!

We’ve just reviewed our Throwback Thursday pick from the 70’s known as Dororon Enma-kun; a comedy-horror that’s worth checking out! Next Throwback Thursday the 80’s return to center stage with three ‘fresh’ titles for you to check out, and don’t forget our Halloween-themed D&A Friday’s anime and manga picks. (Trivia included!)