D&A Anime Blog Mini Tour 2017…

With only a few months of 2016 left we’re turning our focus towards bigger and better things for our blog/site! That focus now brings us to our decision to do our first ever D&A Anime Blog Mini Tour! So far there’s about five different anime cons out of state that we’ve got our eyes set on; Tekkocon 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA, J1-Con 2017 in Philadelphia, PA, Anime USA 2017 in Washington, DC, DerpyCon 2017 in Morristown, NJ, and finally AnimeNEXT 2017 in Atlantic City, NJ! The tour dates for all the cons above will be posted pretty soon, so if you wanna be a part of this first ever mini tour that we’ve got goin’ on, be our guest! 🙂

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