We’re Over 1,000 Views!!!!


We want to take the time to thank you all for the love and support that this blog/site is getting, plus we credit and thank FUNimation for all the cool things that they’re bringing to their fan base; including some upcoming shows that they have lined up.

Continue to support us as well as FUNimation, and all the other anime production and distribution companies both here, and in Japan. THANK YOU GUYS!!! 🙂

New PSG Fanfic coming soon!!

Under my Fanfiction alias ‘DJ Returns‘ I’ll be posting my first PSG fanfic in about two and a half years. Samurai Rock: The Mercenary of Oten City, is a 10-Chapter story that deals with the events that happen after the first season of Panty & Stocking. Brief gets a black/gold samurai vest that comes with “Double Gold Daito”; which are just a pair of black/gold daito katanas that are strapped to his back, and are inside their own black/gold sheath. There will be more info to come about the story as well as our teasers so stay tuned! 🙂