(Almost) Open 4 Business

We’re still working out some things for the blog/site, so hopefully we’ll have everything running smoothly. 🙂

Shout-Outs to FUNimation, Sentai Filmworks, Gainax (though we’re still hoping for a second PSG season), Aniplex, Studio TRIGGER, and all the others out there making the good stuff!






One thought on “(Almost) Open 4 Business

  1. I’m excited about creating this anime blog/site! Me and my other friend (A. Goldman) talked about it less than three months ago during 2015, and well…here we are! 🙂

    Shout-outs to FUNimation, Aniplex, Sentai Filmworks, and so many others that produce/distribute so much of the anime that we know and love. Oh, and shout-outs to the voice actors too! 🙂


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