Our Youtube Channel is Finally Ready!!

We just couldn’t wait to debut our channel, so we moved it up two hours ahead! We kicked off our youtube debut with a segment that we like to call “Otakon Reewind”; where A. Goldman and Yours Truly take you through 2012 Otakon, through the eyes of D&A. If we get 98 more subscribers to our channel, something good just might happen for you guys. (However, we can’t tell you what it is yet.)

We may eventually start doing our Anime of the Week segment Live during the summer, as we get closer to our six month anniversary. (Yeah, it’s been that long.) Until then, stay tuned for our usual Anime of the Week later on tonight! 🙂

Teaser Trailers Coming This Week!

With Spring already in the air, we at D&A are continuing to grow into more than just your run-of-the-mill anime blog. On that note, our opening teasers for our official youtube channel will be posted in the latter part of the week. Our official youtube debut date will be Saturday April 23, 2016, so continue to support us, FUNimation, and the rest of the anime distributors, animation studios, artists, and creators! 🙂