From Hoohoo Village to Beanbean Castle (via Chucklehuck Woods): A Superstar Saga Review! (Pt. 2)

Hey guys n’ gals! We’re back with part two of our lite gaming review from the 3DS remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Last we chat; we ended up at Hoohoo Village coming from Stardust Fields after Bowser’s Koopa Cruiser exploded thanks to Fawful. Now the bros. are in this new village wondering where they need to go next to search for Peach’s voice’s whereabouts – and where to find Cackletta and Fawful. Let’s dive in to part two and see what happens, shall we?

Part 2 – From Hoohoo Village to Beanbean Castle (via Chucklehuck Woods)

Now that you’re in Hoohoo village, it’s time to do some exploring. If you’ve been battling a lot in Stardust Fields, chances are; you’ve got a lotta coins! Find the item shop on the bridge that’s right next to the waterfall and stock up on mushrooms and syrups (trust me, you’ll need them later), then take the bros. to the pathway under the bridge where the shop was and you’ll run into…Fawful?! Yeah, the lil’ nerd who blasted Bowser’s ship with you on it to pieces! He’ll turn to the bros. and rant on about food metaphors before dropping what looks to be a statue of ‘The Thinker’, and then flies off to meet up with Cackletta.

Now you’re probably thinking ‘This prick just dropped this thing and blocked our path! Now what do we do?’ So head back up to where the item shop was and go inside the house next to it. I honestly got lost when I first played this game back in 2003, so just poke around until you find the house I’m talking about.

Once you do, you’ll find two hammer-headed bros. Mario and Luigi tell them that they need hammers to break the statue that Fawful dropped on their path, but the material that the hammer-headed bros. need…they no longer have. Now it looks like you’re screwed, but wait…wasn’t there a bridge leading to a path that will take you to the summit of Hoohoo Mountain? Yes, there is! Luckily, you don’t have to go back and forth from the village to Stardust Fields waiting for the bridge to be fixed like you did back in 03’. It’s already ready by the time you walk out of the hammer-headed bros. home. Now it’s time to kick enemy butt n’ level up!

If you can grind all the way to level 8 or higher with the bros. the mid-level boss fight that takes place in the middle of the summit will be a breeze. Then just keep using the new skills you’ve learned from the Starshade Bros. until you reach the mountain’s summit. From there you’ll meet a pterodactyl named Blababladon (I can’t pronounce his name for crap) who gets upset because you kicked a Hoohoo Stone by his foot. As Mario and Luigi explain what happened and how they got here, the egg that Blaby was sitting on starts hatching. Out of it came some ugly-looking dinosaur, which shot a Hoohoo Stone at Blaby – sending him into the clouds far away. Now it’s time for your second REAL boss battle!

Unload all of the bros. special Bros. Attacks on Dragohoho and keep the damage to a minimum, or don’t take any at all. Like I said before; if Mario and Luigi are both at level 8 or higher this fight should be a breeze. After beating the dragon it’ll shoot another Hoohoo Stone into the air, which lands in the house of a certain hammer-headed duo. The dragon then transforms into a prince (without you having to kiss it), as the prince known as Prince Peasley thanks you for saving him. Blaby returns and joins in on the convo as Peasley gives you a special rose needed to get into Beanbean Castle. After Peasley does that anime pretty boy thing where he flips his hear and a sparking background appears, Blaby takes you back down to the village where you meet the hammer-headed bros. and get those hammers.

Once you’ve got them; head to where Fawful dropped ol’ Thinker, and smash it to bits. At this moment you’re hiking down the mountain while using the new hammers you’ve gotten, sadly there are no monsters to fight in this area, but that might actually be a good thing. The area past the cave is a ‘one-way’ only section, so you’ll have to take the bros. through the cave. You’ll find two mining carts with an old man and his dog, so if you remember the minigame from 2003, the rules are the same now as they were then. Win the minigame by collecting ten gems or more, then continue from the cave and you’ll come out to the Beanbean Outskirts. If you run into any spiked enemies, just use the hammer.

You then descend onto the Beanbean Castle grounds where the whole place got hit by war. Actually from one of the people; it got hit by Cackletta and Fawful. If you need to stock up, hit the item shop before hitting the castle. You’ll run into two guards who may or may not know who the Mario Bros. are, but flash Prince Peasley’s rose in front of them and they’ll let you in. Once you’re inside look for the Throne Room and there you’ll find the ambassador of the Beanbean Kingdom. She asks if the bros. are who they say they are, and to prove it, she drops them into the castle’s sewers to ‘fix’ the castle’s plumbing. At this moment both Mario and Luigi should have about 40 health and 25 bros. points or more, so make sure you kill all the monsters and level up like crazy, cuz’ another boss battle is one the horizon.

After you make it to the final room and fix the final pipe, you see the ambassador again with her assistant known as Lady Lima (as in Lima beans). The bros. tell her that she sent them down to fix the pipes, when in reality all they did was disable the security system that protects the Beanstar. Upon that revelation the bros. race back up to the castle, but Cackletta and Fawful already have the star in their possession. Mario and Luigi get ready to fight Cackletta, but instead you fight a possessed Bean Queen. In this fight you’d better aim for the arms cuz’ you won’t be able to deal any damage as long as she has her crown on her head; plus you’ll take damage if you jump on her too. After the fight Lady Lima tells you that the queen was possessed by a belch worm that Cackletta forced her to eat.

Now the only way to return her back to normal is to venture out and find Chuckola Cola, which can only be found in Chuckehuck Woods. Peasley shows up during the whole ordeal and you’re given a special item needed to enter into the Chuckola Museum. So the hunt is on to head to Chucklehuck Woods to find the special cola needed to end the Bean Queen’s suffering, and thus ends part two of our walkthrough review!

Until next post, stay safe and stay united! 🙂

From The Mushroom to the Beanbean Kingdom: A Superstar Saga Review (Pt. 1)

What’s good anime fam! On our last post we said that we were thinking about doing a light experiment with video game walkthrough reviews. With that in mind we’ve managed to pick up a New Nintendo 3DS XL, along with a copy of the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake featuring a new adventure game called Bowser’s Minions. Although we’re not hardcore gamers both of us have played a lot of great titles; some of which are now considered as national treasures, while others leave a lot to be desired. Superstar Saga DX on the other hand is an absolute classic re-imagined from its 2003 debut on the Game Boy Advance. It’s got better graphics, stronger enemies and bosses, and stays true to its original charm and charisma that made the original game so well loved.

If you happen to have a 3DS or the New 3DS (which are hard to come by because the rage is dead thanks to the Switch Lite being the new ‘it’ thing now), I recommend picking up a copy of this game! Now, it’s time for Part 1 of the walkthrough review…

Part 1 – From the Mushroom Kingdom to the Beanbean Kingdom

Peach’s Castle!

You’ve seen it in every Mario game since Mario 64, and it’s where and how every Mario adventure game starts and ends; at least in this spin-off from the original franchise. Princess Peach is greeted by the ambassador of the kingdom next door; the Beanbean Kingdom. Everything seems to be legit until Peach gets sprayed by a purple mist smokescreen, and then the ambassador reveals herself to be the powerful witch known as Cackletta; with the meaning and pun behind her name being re-enforced by her laugh. Her underling Fawful (which might mean ‘F’n awful’ depending on who you ask) uses some weird headgear device to ‘steal’ Peach’s voice. After doing so they take off as the sky resembles Cackletta; letting the gamer know that the adventure has begun.

Meanwhile at Mario and Luigi’s house one of the toads rushes inside and past Luigi doing laundry, to look for the older and well-known Mario bro. Upon finding him in his bath robe he runs out of the shower and into a wall. He mutters that Peach is in trouble and as if he heard the magic word(s) dashes from his house towards her castle. Upon arrival he finds the king of all koopas (who couldn’t have come at a worst time) making a scene while Peach is in distress.

Mario stops in his tracks, but Luigi runs right into Bowser who turns around and charges at Mario. In the original fight Mario had 10 health and 10 bros. points. In this fight Mario has 15 health, and 10 bros. points. Unlike the original where you only attack once with the Jump attack, you get to attack twice like you would in Bowser’s Inside Story; dealing 4 damage instead of 2. After dealing 12 damage the fight ends as Bowser says that now’s not the time to fight; which is ironic cuz’ HE’s the one who started it!

After a cinematic comedic moment where it appears Peach has blown up the castle with her “explosive language”, Mario is at the courtyard on a mission to retrieve Peaches voice by going to the Beanbean Kingdom and tracking down Cackletta. You’ll be doing a lot of favors for a few people before taking off so make sure you don’t forget to do them; cuz it’ll pay off later on. After a while Mario’s on his way to Bowser’s Koopa Cruiser with Luigi seeing him off…NOT! After Bowser gets upset that his minions didn’t show up on time, he spots Luigi and ask if he wants to join up with his minions. He tried to say “no” but the Koopa king ended up taking him anyway; in another hilarious cinematic sequence.

Its nightfall and you’re on Bowser’s flying ship, so after a little more dialogue you get to play as both Mario and Luigi; with Luigi having 17 health and 12 bros. points. If you’ve played the 2003 original game, then you probably already know how to control Mario and Luigi, but I’d still take advantage of speaking to a few of Bowser’s crew members only because you might get extra mushrooms for battle. Once you reach a certain part of the ship you’re going to need to get your picture taken before setting foot in the Beanbean Kingdom, so speak to the koopa behind the old-looking camera. Once you’ve done that keep going until you find a barrel, then smash that thing to trigger a response from another koopa crew member.

Although the bros tell the koopa that they’re looking for the deck, he wants to make sure they don’t slow Bowser down – and teaches them to fight as a pair. Like I’ve said before; if you’ve played the 03’ original, you’re good on this part. Throughout the room you’ll be smashing several goomba pairs in battle, and since both brothers have more than 10 health you should be fine. Once you reach the room before the deck another scene plays out where Luigi gets mistaken for cargo and taken to the deck.

At this point one of the koopa crew members tells Bowser that they’re approaching the border between the Mushroom and Beanbean kingdoms. With Luigi as the lookout; his eyes suddenly pop out of his head as an energy ball smashes the side of the ship, causing Mario and Bowser to look around. Suddenly they spotted the source of the attacks, as it came from exactly who they thought it was; Cackletta. She tells the bros and Bowser of her plan as she commands Fawful to deal with the trio; with the underling launching a blast at Bowser putting him out of commission (or at least out of the fight). Now it’s time for another boss battle!

Hopefully both Mario and Luigi are at level 2; having at least 20 health or more, and 15 bros. points or more. After smacking Fawful around for a couple turns, Bowser asks if you want to know how to dodge Fawful’s attacks. If you already know how (since you’ve played the 03’ version), you don’t have to do this. Just keep smacking him around some more until the fight ends. Once it does Fawful will split, but not before going ‘Rambo’ on the ship and scattering the bros, Bowser, and the rest of the crew across the border. Now the Mario bros. are in Stardust Fields on the mushroom side of the border, and with every border there’s border security. Luckily for the bros they know who they are due to their star power (no pun intended) and proceeded to ask them to prove that they’re truly the legendary jumpers they say they are. After winning the challenge a little fireworks anime plays on the wall; resembling the goal from the original Super Mario Bros. game.

Now that you’re across the border, you’ll be running to a few more enemies before finding the koopa king. Beat em’ down in battle and level up some more, and then you’ll find a large cannon with Bowser tail-up inside until Mario jumps on him to flip the cannon over. Before you’re able to get him out a big green cherub-looking monster named Tolstar drops in and recognizes Bowser and the bros. You are then told to give him 100 coins or he’ll tell the entire Beanbean kingdom how Bowser got stuck in the cannon. The bros give him the coins but realize the exchange rate is only between 5-10%; meaning the bros only gave Tolstar 10 beanbean coins. That means you got to find 100 beanbean coins or you can’t continue, so Tolstar opens another pathway leading deeper into Stardust Fields.

So this is all you have to do; fight more beanbean baddies, level up, gain new skills from the Starshade Bros. cuz’ trust me, you’ll need em’! After doing all of that and being around level 4 or higher (with both bros having between 30-39 health and 21-26 bros. points), you’ll meet back up with Tolstar and give him the 100 beanbean coins that he asked for. After doing that you’d think he’d be a man of his word, but c’mon! You knew right away that he was ‘that’ kind of guy! So Mario and Luigi end up battling him as a result of his lie.

If you wanna go all out (and you probably might want to against this guy cuz’ he deserves it) use bros. attack only. After giving him a good beating, Tolstar flops right in front of the cannon where Bowser is, but the battle made so much noise that one of the Starshade Bros. appears and lights the cannon that Bowser is stuck in. He tells Mario and Luigi to find Peach’s voice without him, and that it’s all up to them. After disappearing along with Tolstar, the bros continue on their journey. They now end up in Hoohoo Village where they’re confronted by three…um, solders who claim that they’ve done something to their prince. (Dude, we just got here and we’re already being detained?!)

Before things get any messier Tolstar appears with crutches and bandages from the beating the bros gave him earlier, and clears up everything. How about that? Guess there’s some good in him after all…

Well guys that will do it for Part 1 of my Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX review/walkthrough. I know I’ve stated that I’ll be covering the entire game in just five parts, but because of how long this game is, we’ll be doing it in 7 parts. Part 2 will cover everything from Hoohoo Village to Beanbean Castle, so stay tuned for that!

Until next post, stay safe and stay gold! 😉

Next Week: A Superstar Saga Review!!

For those who may not have heard the news, we just picked up a New Nintendo 3DS XL! Yeah, we know we’re late to the party, but while looking for new things and segments to try out, many of our fans have been wondering if we’re ever going to do any gaming reviews on the blog. Although we’re mostly an anime/manga blog, we haven’t shied away from the idea of incorporating lite gaming reviews. So in response to demand, we’re bringing you guys a special five-part, five-post gaming review/walkthrough of the remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions! It will kick off next Monday and end next Friday, so if you love the Mario Bros. you don’t wanna miss this! 😉

The Top Ten Things We Miss About Cons!

Let’s be honest; 2020 has been the most stressful and exhausting year that we as humanity has ever endured! From COVID-19 to racial injustice we’ve been hit with gut punch after gut punch and have been asking ourselves the question; ‘when will it end?!’ With mass gatherings being a super spreader for the virus, we’ve had no choice but to shut em’ down all together – except for the percentage of the U.S. population that’s hasn’t gotten the memo yet! (Don’t even get me started!)

One of the greatest mass gatherings that we’ve ever been a part of, are anime conventions. Many of us remember the last con we’ve been to before COVID hit, and now about roughly 80% of the anime community is going through con withdraw; including us! With con season as dead as dust all we can do is put our hopes and dreams into next year when we get the vaccine. We’ve been going to cons for over ten years, and there are ten things about them that we miss and wish to see again next year and beyond. So from us to you, here are our Top Ten things we miss about cons!

10. The Deadpool Invasion

Since 2010 we’ve been going to our former home convention known as Otakon, and every year we would see an army of at least 20 Deadpool cosplayers in various outfits; such as Luffy from One Piece, one in a business suit, and one that was president. Every year they’d do wacky stuff and if you’re lucky, you might have been able to spot a Deadpool conga line. What we wouldn’t give to see the merc with a mouth again…

We miss you buddy! T.T

9. Hallway Line Dancing

Anime conventions are like a three-day party, and when there’s a party, there’s music! If you’re convention vets like us then we’re pretty sure you’ve seen them; about 50-to-100 cosplayers doing the “Cupid Shuffle” or “Wobble”. We’ve even joined in on the fun as well, so if you ever go to a con and see line dancing in the hallway, jump in!

8. The DBZ Abridged Ghost Nappa / Vegeta Guy

There’s always one guy at a convention who does this, and it’s freakin’ hilarious when he does it! He’s been going to our con for over five years, but I’m pretty sure you guys might have your own version of this guy. Though we don’t know his full name, we’ve just dubbed him the ‘DBZA Ghost Nappa / Vegeta Guy’.

7. The Lines before going into Panels

When it comes to panels at anime conventions you always wanna plan ahead! That means leaving one panel 45 minutes early to be the first one in line for the next one. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten lucky enough to get to many of the panels that we wanted to see by doing this, so once cons are back up and running again, this will feel like nostalgia!

6. The Dealer’s Room

This is where it all goes down; the merch, the posters, the OST’s! It’s all right here! We’re crying just thinking about it! (*sniffle*) I’m 100% sure when cons come back, none of us are going to take this room for granted! EVER!

5. The Raves

Back in 2008 we went to our first one during Otakon, and it was LIT! Some of us miss these and some of us won’t, but once cons come back you’d better bet your sweet waifu that there will be a party!

We’re gonna party hard after this is over! Believe it!!

4. The Pokemon Nerd March Down The Hallway

On the last day of the con, you’ll see about 200-300 Pokemon fans march down the hallway chanting the opening theme to the very first season! We all know it. We all have heard it. We just miss seeing it! T.T

3. The Autograph Line

Next to the Dealer’s Room, the autograph line is where you go after you get your merch! We’ve been fortunate enough to get all of the things we wanted signed by the people that we admire the most; the VA’s! Which brings us to Number 2…

2. The VA’s

These men and women with extraordinary voices are one of the major reasons why we love going to conventions! They’ve been a part of your childhood/adult life for a long time, and plus many of them are down-to-earth just like you and me. Once cons come back we can’t wait to meet these awesome people again!

Can’t wait to see you when this is all over!


They’re the BIGGEST reason why we go to cons, and their what we miss the most about cons! Seeing all of the awesome cosplayers is the bread and butter of our existence as an anime blog (plus the VA’s too). We miss these awesome people most of all, because you guys helped us to make the blog what it is today. We’d be nothing without each and every one of you, so to that we say Thank You!!

You guys have made the blog awesome!!

We’re all waiting for the day where we can step into hotel or convention lobbies and experience these things again, and rest assured once we get the vaccine, we will return to the fun times that we’ve had! If there are some things that you miss about cons, let us know in the comments section. Until next post, stay safe and stay united! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis (08/05/2020)

Hey guys! Hopefully you all are doing well and staying safe. Honestly this week has been rather crazy to say the least; starting with our beloved blog shutting down unintentionally for a week due to several technical issues regarding our domain name. Now that we’re back in full swing, we can now pick up where we left off on our posts. I’m not sure how you guys feel with where we are in the world, but like I’ve said before in my last post; I really, REALLY want this nightmare to end!

September will be here in three-and-a-half weeks, and now we’re trying to decide if we should send the kids back to school, or keep in-school learning on the ‘digital route’ a little while longer. November will be the deciding factor if we collectively come together as one nation to start a new beginning for America, or face the apocalypse of racial equality. Yeah, I’ve seen the reactions to the #BlackLivesMatter moment on twitter through many anime fans and VA’s who feel the same way that I do about racial equality.

Sadly, some of us are still asleep on the issue, while many of us have ‘cancelled’ the very people and communities that we once have called home because of where we stand. It’s funny how some fans say that they love/admire the work of their favorite VA’s; but the moment they make the choice to fight for what is right (like racial equality and anti-discrimination) by announcing how they feel about it on their socials, they drop em’ like a bad habit! I’ll say this about the anime community; 80% of us are decent human beings who believe that Black and Brown lives count for ALL lives, and that we show love and support for our passion for anime, the voice actors, and love and kindness towards one another. It’s the other 20% that you gotta look out for; many of which are in ‘You Know Who’s’ cult-driven fanbase. I’ve seen the tweets.

It’s depressing to my own heart and soul to see all that has happened since May, but I’m cautiously optimistic that our prayers will be answered. It’s hard to have hope when all you feel is despair, but these are the times where we gotta keep our friends and loved ones close. When things do return to ‘normal’, it won’t be the normal that we’re all used to. Hopefully this ‘new normal’ will allow us to come together like never before. We need to stop fighting, and start loving!

That’s all.

D&A Anime Blog: WE’RE ALIVE!!!!!

WHOOO!!!!! We’ve missed you guys!! After dealing with several technical difficulties, D&A is BACK baby! So starting next we’re be returning back to our regularly scheduled program – which is already in progress! Also, we’ve topped over 1,000+ monthly views for four consecutive months, so we can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support that you’ve given us! Now that we’re back, we promise more exciting content to get you through this pandemic! 😉

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Nine!

What’s up anime fam! We’re coming to you once again with another anime review from our Anime REvisited pick that you already know to be; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! With only three more episodes remaining in the season, it looks like this is where things start to come down to the wire. So, let’s get to it!


So far Ikki and Stella have been racking up wins like crazy, as the two of them are on a 12-game winning streak. After their battles they were sent on somewhat of a vacation for a week by the headmaster, little did they know they would end up having to clean the floors and windows of training camp facility thanks to the student council of the school. Around this time Shizuku went back to her family’s home for a while and didn’t want anyone to bother her, as she looked at old pictures of her brother when we was younger. Meanwhile Ikki and Stella take a trip to the waterfall that she saw while riding on the bus, but she was feeling a little bit…sick.

As it started raining in heavy downpours, Ikki took Stella to an empty cabin in the woods as the two of them dried off by the fire. Now here’s where things get a little…interesting. Stella’s clothes are wet as they’re lowering her body temperature, so to make her feel a little less embarrassed, Ikki decided to strip down to his drawers as well. Stella needed help undoing her blouse so Ikki being as noble and professional as he can, helped her unbutton it; thus exposing her bra. Ikki thought he was done, until Stella asked him to unhook her bra – because it was hard for her to breathe. Basically at this point Stella is pretty much naked aside from her panties, and I know it sounds like we’re heading towards soft-core hentai territory, but bear with us a little longer.

As Ikki covered her up Stella tells him how hard that must’ve been to help her undress while maintaining professionalism and keeping her safe, but that statement went moot as she also told him that his member was at full attention (BEAR WITH US!!). Trying to hid it Stella told him that she didn’t mind it and that it made her happy that she was able to get him excited, of course that was followed up with the question of does Ikki want to do ‘it’ with her. Finally after reacting like a terrified virgin, Ikki calmed down and stated that he wants to stand proudly with Stella, and let the world know just how he feels about her, and that they should wait until their married to have sex. Ladies, find you a guy like Ikki; who will respect you enough to wait until your wedding day!

Later on things get crazy as a giant golem attacks the cabin that Ikki and Stella were in; the keyword is ‘were’, because Ikki got Stella the hell outta there and somewhere safe for the moment. He tried to fight the golem on its own, but then it split into a small army of golems as they made their way towards a not-100% Stella. However the student council showed up just in time to take down the golem army, with the council president Tohka Todo finishing the army in one fell swoop. Back at the Kurogane household, Shizuku’s next opponent is the student council president herself.

Things will be getting really interesting from this point on, so until next review, continue to stay safe amongst this pandemic, and continue to love one another! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Eight!

Hello again, and welcome to another anime review of our Anime REvisited pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! This time it’s all come down to this; Ikki, Stella, and Ayase confront the Sword Eater known as Kuroato, who defeated Ayase’s father and took their dojo. In the eighth episode of the series, it all goes down right here in this review!


Ikki, Stella, and Ayase travel to her father’s dojo, which has now become the official headquarters of Kuroato and his gang. Ayase tells the story of what happened two years ago, when Kuroato defeated her father; the last samurai (not the one you’re thinking of), to a kendo match. Though he talked a lot of vulgar smack Kuroato had the skills to back it up thanks to his high reaction speed, which is why he was able to defeat Ayase’s father. Right off the bat Ikki and Kuroato went at it in ‘his’ dojo as the two of them locked eyes and formed their weapons while Stella and Ayase watched. Ikki and Kuroato crossed blades pretty much the whole episode as Kurogane used his Perfect Vision skill to try and dodge Kuroato’s incoming attacks.

This episode is pretty much Ikki and the Sword Eater crossing blades with one another while having a bit of fun at the same time. During the fight Kuroato realized that a lot of Ikki’s attacks mimicked Ayase’s father’s techniques. Eventually Ikki decided to take the battle to the next level as he pulled out his best technique known as Blade Steal; where he not only steals the opponent’s technique, but also a part of their will and spirit as well. After one final clash Kuroato fell to Ikki as both of their devices disappeared.

Realizing that Ikki will be quite a foe during the Seven Star Sword Art festival, Kuroato decided that they’ll finish their battle there, and that he has given the dojo back to Ayase and her father. Watching the battle made Ayase realize that she has a lot of work to do if she plans on becoming a great swordswoman, and that she has to study the ‘Warrior’s Way’ a little bit more. At the end of the episode Shizuki and Alice show up stating that they were a little peeved that they weren’t involved in the episode, which caused Stella and Shizuku to have yet another riff between them.

Well, that’s it for this review! As always guys, continue to stay safe and stay united! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Seven!

Welcome back guys! It’s anime review time once again with our Anime REvisited pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Last post we’ve talked about the Sword Eater known as Korato (I’m guessing a ‘nickname’ given to him by his friends), but now we’re learning something about Ayase that seemed confusing at first…but now we’re starting to see where she’s coming from. So let’s go ahead with the review! (See what I did there? XP)


Ikki was on the rooftop with Ayase as she asked him a bit of a weird question about their friendship, but suddenly she used her device which happened to be a crimson-colored katana (with no guard on the edge of the hilt), and slashed the gate behind her as she fell through. With no choice but to use it Ikki channeled his power to rush to Ayase’s aid to save her, only to discover that this was her intention this whole time. With just ten hours before the start of his next battle; which happens to be against Ayase, Ikki finds himself in a hospital bed while recovering from his weary state. Although there’s not a whole lot of information about Ayase, her ranking, or even her skill and technique, Ikki and the others knew that her reasoning behind what she did, was to get back her father’s dojo from Korato.

At 3pm the battle between Ikki and Ayase started as the two of them prepared to fight one another. Before the start of the match Ikki caught on to the fact that Ayase booby-trapped the arena, as slashes were appearing from out of thin air due to her device’s ability. The sword fight was actually pretty good, but it wasn’t until near the end of the episode that Ikki knew what he had to do – defeat Ayase with all of his strength and get back what she lost. Ayase tried to fight against her truth but Ikki exposed it, and it was at that moment she realized that in order to get her father’s dojo back, she would have to regain the pride that he took in protecting it back. Yeah, Ayase lost the match putting Ikki at 7-0, but now she realizes what she must do, but she’ll need Ikki’s help to do it.

This one’s a little short but that’s all we’ve got for this episode review. As always continue to uplift one another, and stay united my friends! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Six!

So here we are once again guys n’ gals; another installment of our Anime REvisited pick known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight! Things get pretty interesting in this episode so let’s get right into it! By the way, a lot of PG-13/R-rated language and mildly abusive violence will be seen and heard throughout this episode, so viewer discretion is advised.


Ikki and Stella have won yet another match against their selected opponents, as a girl with navy colored hair watches from the stands. While walking through the campus along with Shizuku and Alice, they all suddenly notice the same girl from the stands following them; who is now identified as Ayase. (Though she comes off as shy and aloof right now, you’ll find out what she’s truly like later on.) Throughout the episode we see Ayase getting acquainted with Ikki and the rest of the cast; from training with them to even eating with them.

Though she’s a bit of a mystery, Ikki still helps her to get stronger for her father who is in the hospital due to an injury during one of his battles. Here’s where things get interesting; you know that one dude in every action/fighting anime who’s a total d**k to everyone, but has fighting/battle skills that can rival any S-Class fighter out there? (And 9 times outta 10, he becomes the frienemy/rival of the main protagonist.) Well that’s Korato.

He and his gang storm the restaurant and pretty much disrespect Ikki right in front of Stella; bashing him on the head with a beer bottle and hawking a loogie on his face. Unless you’ve got Saiyan powers or happen to be a certain red-headed Ronin samurai, you’re kinda stuck with the fact you’re outnumbered 5-to-1. This was pretty much Ikki’s case. After toying with him while growing bored in the process, Korato and his gang left the restaurant while Stella was fuming at the fact that her man didn’t deck the bastard’s ass; cuz’ she would have! However, Ikki knew that if he fought, he would’ve been expelled – but he also knew that he would get back at Korato and his gang soon enough.

After all of that Ikki was talking to Alice about everything that happened, but then he got a text from Ayase telling him to meet him on the roof top later that night, and Alice knew something was up. Ikki stated that he was going even though in his eyes Alice was against it, and surely Ayase was waiting for Ikki…but there was definitely something up about her.

That’s it for this review, but there’s more to come on this saga on our next post! Until then friends, continue to love one another in this crazy time we’re living in. Black lives are under attack, and it’s up to us to hold those accountable, and fight against racial and social injustice against African-Americans (like myself). It’s 2020, and we can see clearly now!