Oh No, the Swordsmith Village is Under Attack!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba S3, Ep 3 Review

When we last left off with Tanjiro, he was going through training from Hell, fighting against an advanced training doll modeled after a legendary Demon Slayer. He eventually overcame it, but broke the doll in the process. However, he ended up getting the prize inside: a new sword! The bad news, though, is that the sword’s rusted from 300 years of neglect. That, and the Demons found the Swordsmith Village. That’s not good.

You Can’t Just Show Up, Mr. Haganezuka

Just as Kotetsu and Tanjiro are lamenting the rusty sword, none other than the swordsmith Haganezuka appears, demanding they hand over the blade for him to fix. Since he bailed on them in the first place and just says, “leave it to me!” this leads to some Shonen comedy. Tanjiro has every right to not let Haganezuka work on the sword since he bailed on him when he arrived. Since another swordsmith explains that Haganezuka had gone to train to make the ideal sword for Tanjiro, though, all is forgiven. The sword-polishing process will take three days, though. 

In the meantime, though, the world of anime gets blessed with the light of adorableness that is Nezuko. Getting to see Tanjiro braid her hair to look like the Love Hashira is so adorable, as are Nezuko’s antics. She even manages to make Muichiro let his guard down a little. Despite me calling him the “Sand Paper Hashira” last week, Muichiro at least manages to talk civilly with Tanjiro and Nezuko.

It’s too bad the village is under attack.

I Give “A Sword from 300 Years Ago” a 4/5

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