D&A’s Top 10 Anime ‘Dere’ Types!

When you’ve watched enough anime as much as we have, it becomes easier to pick out things that have become the most common; overpowered protagonists, guys or girls being dumped into another world, and characters who cater to a specific type of personality. Most of the time its usually the anime girls who tend to fit the latter, but in some anime, there are guys who can fit into this category as well. What are we talking about you ask? We’re breaking down our Top 10 Anime ‘Dere’ Types that you’ll find in any anime title that you’ve seen. Of course you already know about the Big 5 ‘dere’ types, but there are five more that you might not quite be familiar with.

These girls have a fun personality

10. Deredere: The Fun-Loving Energetic One

We all have that one friend who’s waaaay too energetic, but she’s kind and caring towards others and quite the social butterfly. You might’ve seen her in some of your anime titles (like Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun) and though she’ll show her affection towards her loved one, she’s able to have normal friendships and conversations with others. She’s also one of the Big 5 that you’ll encounter among ‘deres’.

9. Bakadere: The Airheaded Annoying One

This one’s a new one, but right away many fans already have characters that fit this ‘dere’. There’s always that one character who’s just annoying as hell, and a total airhead! She may be energetic and optimistic but she’s clumsy, aloof, and doesn’t really think before acting most of the time. In some extreme cases, she may even be a useless goddess – like the one below. 

You’re useless and you know it!

8. Dandere: The Shy & Quiet Introverted One

Who is the most common anime character who fits this ‘dere’ type? Naruto fans know who she is – or who she used to be back in the day. These types of characters will open up once they meet up with the right group of people, and when they do, their ‘dere’ side will show up and show out! 😉

7. Nyandere: The Cat-Loving One

There are a LOT of girls out there who fit this category; both in anime and in real life. Who doesn’t love cats? (Or in this case, catgirls?) Any rom-com fantasy or isekai anime you’ll find that one character who has become one with the feline – or might be part feline herself. There are some males who like cats but not to the same degree, though I could be wrong.

6. Sadodere: The ‘They’re Like Yandere’s But Worse’ Ones

Avoid these individuals like the plague! Unlike Yandere’s who act violent and cruel towards others who ‘threaten’ their loved one in any way they deem unacceptable, Sadodere’s get a thrill out of manipulating others they care about and treat them like trash. They also take pleasure in inflicting pain and despair upon others, and basically are the reason why they caused ‘world-ending’ pandemonium. Isn’t that right, Junko Enoshima?

“Wow, you’re just noticing…?”

5. Himedere: The Spoiled Princess Bratty One

As we said before, watch enough anime and you’ll find a character who fits this model perfectly. This is that one character who’s high and mighty, and condescending towards others as if she was a princess or something. (Most of the time she is, or at least has that type of personality.) Nevertheless these characters can sometimes be the main antagonist of the story, or a side character.

4. Yandere: The ‘Touch My Man And I’ll Kill You!’ One

Another member of the Big 5! We all know this character quite well; loves and showers their loved one with love and admiration, but the minute another girl has a conversation with their man, they’re ready to snap! Sometimes they may even hurt the ones they love.

3. Kanedere: The Gold-Diggin’ One

These types of individuals only care about one thing when it comes to their loved one; their money! These types of girls want hustlers, big ballers, shot-callers, the rich ones! If you ain’t got money they don’t want nothin’ to do with you; even if you tell them that you can treat them better than the rich idiots that they’re gunnin’ for. If they find the RIGHT person though, they could learn to love them for who they are; not how much they make.

2. Kuudere: The Calm, Cool, and Collected One

Somewhere along the line, you might have had that one friend who’s like this. In the mist of total chaos this is the type of character that you may want to have by your side. Sure, they may not show much emotion or affection of any kind to their loved one, but it might be because they’re keeping their true emotions deep down inside. 

Mei = Kuudere, Asuka = Tsundere

1. Tsundere: The Sour-Sweet Hot & Cold One

The MOST COMMON dere there is! Action, Fantasy, Rom-Com, Isekai, it don’t matter! You’ll always find this most common dere in 90% of the anime titles you watch. Arguably, the OG Tsundere who started this trend is Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ever since that series a whole new generation of Tsundere girls have come about in various anime titles, but every anime fans knows that it all started with Asuka; the original Tsundere!

Although these are the ten that we’ve chosen for this post, there are so many others out there that fit a wide range of characters. Some of them might be enhanced versions of the ones we’ve already mentioned, while others may even be the polar opposite. Either way, these personalities are ones that you’ll find in many male and female anime characters from your favorite series. If you found some ones that we might have missed, let us know in the comment section below.

Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉 

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