Sorry For The Wait, So Here’s An Update!

Hey guys n’ gals! We’re hoping that you’re all doing well and staying safe, as things for us have been a little bit hectic this week. Last weekend we were hoping that we would get the chance to drop our final promo for D&A Studios, but we’ve had several technical issues regarding post-production; so the promo will be delayed sadly. We of course will continue to do our best in bringing you some awesome content, although its taking a bit longer than it should due to our 9-to-5 schedule conflicts. (We are working out a constant weekend schedule however.) Aside from us battling tech issues we do have some updates to share.

UPDATE 1: Cross-Promotional DJ Sets with D&A Studios / Avidd Minddset

This is a new thing that we’re experimenting with since D&A’s founding member; Donte’ J. Lewis, is also a DJ/Producer under the name ‘Avidd Minddset’. We haven’t pinpointed an official date yet but we are working on doing some exclusive mini DJ sets through Instagram Live. You’ll also be able to hear new music from Avidd Minddset as well, so we’ll keep you updated when we make the decision to launch this new project.

UPDATE 2: Upcoming “Sonic Battle PSG” Fanfiction Has Been Canned

Although this one’s kinda sad, D&A’s Donte’ J. Lewis has decided to remain in fanfiction retirement. The story didn’t really come out the way that he wanted it to, and he wasn’t sure what the ‘interest’ level would be should he post it. For now he does have his earlier works from 2013-2014, so if fans are interested you can check out “Sonic plus Panty & Stocking” or “Brief & Soulfire”.

UPDATE 3: New Podcast Names

If we haven’t mentioned it before, we are working on getting some equipment for our podcast. Right now we’ve narrowed our choices down to three names; Nerdz of the Decade, The Anime Famous Podcast, and Generation Geek. We’ll put out a final poll on which of the three names we should go with on social media; and keep you informed on when we’ll drop the first official episode.

2020 has been a trying year for each and every one of us, so if you feel the way we feel, just hang in there and know we’re right here for you! That’s all we’ve got for now in terms of updates, and should any more come in; we’ll let you know right off the bat! 🙂

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