Sonic Strikers: Crusaders of Anarchy

Sonic Strikers: Crusaders of Anarchy, is a Sonic the Hedgehog and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt crossover fan fiction, that is a reboot of a previous crossover entitled Sonic plus Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. The story takes place in an alternate timeline one year before the events of Sonic Forces, and during the events of the first season of PSG.


The overall synopsis deals with an alternate reality program called the “Striker Program”, a Live-Action Role-Playing Game (LARPG) that was created and activated by a mysterious entity named ‘The Grand Striker’, over 50 years ago. No one knows why this reality program was created, or even what its true purpose is, but nevertheless everyone on earth was effected by it in some way.

Years after the program was activated, the concept of Striker Battles started becoming popular all over the world, and would eventually turn into tournaments to showcase the best Strikers on the planet. A Striker is an individual who possesses high-level hand-to-hand combat capabilities, and knows how to channel ki through their body. There are three types of ki that a Striker has within their body; the first is a red ki (‘Hanzai Ki’ or ‘Attack Ki’) that acts as an apparatus for physical strength. The second is a blue ki (‘Boei Ki’ or ‘Defense Ki’) that acts as a shield from physical attacks, or even lessen their impact on the body causing less damage. The third and final type is a yellow ki (‘Sokudo Ki’ or ‘Velocity Ki’) that controls how fast you can evade, attack, or defend against an opponent. When a Striker manages to get all three ki levels in sync with each other, they will trigger a Striker Surge; which triples their base or current ki levels. Its duration lasts only as long as the Striker can keep their ki levels synchronized. Poor ki control and synchronization can result in a severe drop in all three ki levels, and possible muscle strain.

Because of the Striker Program, everyone’s lives are played out like an Action RPG game (items, bosses, level-ups, etc.) Only certain individuals who possess fundamental hand-to-hand combat skills are Strikers. There is a dark side to this program however; should a Striker’s Vitality Level drop to 0, their essence gets deleted. (Unless they touch a Rejuvenation Panel before dying, then they can re-spawn from the last one they touched, much like an RPG.)

Story Arcs:

Panty & Stocking Arc (Chapters 1-10)

A shortened recap of the events that happened during the first season of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, only with a twist. After defeating Dr. Eggman along with Sonic, Knuckles returns to Angel Island to continue guarding the Master Emerald. Upon his arrival to his sacred home, he is shocked to discover that the giant green gem has been stolen. He was quick to assume that Rouge might have done it because of the fact that she’s a master jewel thief, however that assumption died quickly when two ghastly-looking ghosts with jet black skin and red-yellow lines all over their bodies, appear before the altar. Needing to blow off some steam Knuckles boosted his three ki levels and attacked the duo head on. After five minutes the ghosts were defeated, but not before revealing the location of the Master Emerald after the echidna had threatened them. Now Knuckles finds himself on a journey to find the location of the sacred gem, but he might need the help of a certain blue hedgehog first…

The Five Demons of Canaan Arc (Chapters 11-23)

The first original story arc exclusively for this fan fiction. The Demon Lord Chain along with his four comrades; Skirt, Mask, Claymore, and Blue, have just laid waste to Oten City. Their overall mission is to take over the world within the Striker Program, and lay waste to anyone who dare opposes them. Chain and his gang set their sights on nearby Daten City, after discovering that Corset was defeated by the strongest angels in the city, he vows to find them and see just how strong they really are. Sonic and Knuckles pay a visit to Daten City to see the Anarchy sisters and Garterbelt, but soon find themselves caught in the middle of a war between Chain’s gang, and the angels themselves.

Shayden City Arc (Chapters 24-40)

The second original story arc based on a previous crossover fan fiction entitled Sonic & Stocking Anarchy. Garterbelt sends Sonic and Stocking on a three-month mission to assist his friend and resident sorceress, Mother Maggie, in the annihilation and cleansing of ghosts in Shayden City. Upon arriving at the goth-populated city, Stocking begins to have second thoughts about returning home after the mission is over. While in Shayden City they meet new friends as well as enemies, as Sonic and Stocking help Mother Maggie get to the bottom of the mystery behind the outbreak.

The Invincible Death Egg III Arc (Chapters 41-50)

The third and final original story arc exclusively for this fan fiction. Unbeknownst to Sonic and Knuckles, Eggman has been secretly collecting the seven chaos emeralds, and plans to use their power in order to generate the energy he needs for his Invincible Death Egg III. During this time the Demon sisters continue to wage war on the Anarchy sisters after interfering in their plans numerous times. Sonic and Knuckles jump in to help but then the sky suddenly turns dark blue and green, as a moon-shaped spaceship with a glowing multicolored shield appeared from the clouds above. Thinking the world was about to end, the citizens of Daten City scramble to get as far away from the city as possible, leaving Sonic, Knuckles, Panty, Stocking, and the Demon sisters to face this new threat. As for Sonic and Knuckles, this new threat comes in the form of an old foe.




Sonic Strikers (Crusaders of Anarchy)

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