Crusaders of Anarchy (Sonic/PSG)

Crusaders of Anarchy is a Sonic/PSG crossover fanfiction that’s a reboot of a previous fanfic known as Sonic plus Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. The story takes place six months before the events of Sonic Forces, and in the wake of the events that happened in season one of PSG.

The Emerald of Reality is an emerald of supernatural power, that controls every aspect of reality on the world as well as the universe. Knuckles is the 18th guardian of this emerald, and is in change of protecting its power at all costs – even if it costs him his own life. While on Angel Island a hooded figure with red eyes and a sinister grin approaches the Master Emerald, but Knuckles being the emerald’s guardian prepares to defend it. The figure informs Knuckles that the Emerald of Reality has been shattered, and that he’s transformed all of current reality into an Action Role-Playing Game. Both Knuckles and the hooded figure have a Red/Yellow Health Gauge (known as an S-Gauge) and a Blue/Cyan Energy Gauge (known as an E-Gauge) above their heads. A battle ensues between the two, but Rad Red comes up short as the hooded figure (known as Dials) lifts the Master Emerald into the air before making it vanish. Dials then informs the red echidna that he has seven days to retrieve the pieces of the Emerald of Reality, or all reality on earth and in the universe will become permanently altered.

Elsewhere in a city located between Heaven and Hell, Garterbelt receives a message via Chuck with the words “ARPG”. He then summons Daten City’s best/worse line of defense as Panty and Stocking lazily make their way down to the main sanctuary of the church. Before Garterbelt gets the chance to explain the meaning behind Heaven’s message like he normally does, a sudden wave of light engulfs the entire church as well as the city. Seconds later another message is sent via Chuck that reads “Hedgehog & Echidna”, as the girls are trying to figure what’s going on. Suddenly Panty notices the S-Gauge and E-Gauge above her head. Stocking also had the same thing as well.

Back on Angel Island Sonic decides to pay Knuckles a visit, however he’s shocked to discover that not only is the Master Emerald gone, but Knuckles is nowhere to be seen. Before taking off to find his friend and former foe, the S-Gauge and E-Gauge suddenly appear above his head. If Knuckles plans on saving the Master Emerald, the Emerald of Reality, and even reality itself, he’ll need the help of not only his best friend Sonic, but also from two of the most raunchiest destructive-prone angels who hail from Daten City.


Crusaders of Anarchy (Fanfiction)

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