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Welcome to our Anime Couple of the Week sub-page! Here we highlight the many couples in various anime titles (canon or non-canon), and prove just how powerful the love between two people can truly be!

Our Anime Couple of the Week is…Ikki & Stella

Ikki Kurogane & Stella Vermillion kissing

Love can be a beautiful yet mysterious thing. It causes us to do things we never thought of nor even dreamed of doing, and yet it has a powerful effect on us. In the case of Chivalry of a Failed Knight love can even surprise us without us even knowing it! Ikki Kurogane is an F-Rank Blazer who is known around Hagun Academy as “The Worst One”, but after an arrangement where Stella Vermillion (A-Rank Blazer) has to share a room with Ikki, the two end up having a duel due to the fact that Ikki walked in on her half-naked.

The loser of the duel has to obey the winner for the rest of their lives, but one thing that Ikki and Stella didn’t count on, was the fact that love has made its move. The two of them eventually go from being roommates to lovers throughout the whole series, as they balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps it was destiny that these two apprentice knights were brought together like this, because as we said before, love is a powerful and mysterious thing.

(Posted June 25, 2017 @ 6:51pm)


On this page we’re going to bring to you some of anime’s most coolest, cutest, and possibly most bizarre couples that you’ve even seen! These couples can either be canon or non-canon; of course we’re going to keep in mind which ones we post on this page, so we don’t have any fire thrown at us in the long run. Now you guys, it’s time for our first anime couple! 🙂

Our Anime Couple of the Week is…Naruto & Hinata

Naruto & Hinata Kiss

It’s no secret that these two ninja were destined to be together. In spite of everything that the two of them have been through, Hinata had a small feeling that Naruto was the man of her dreams. It all started when they were kids and Naruto was being picked on by the other bigger kids in school. Hinata saw this and wanted to come help, however not only was she a bit shy in doing so, her father didn’t want her to have anything to do with Naruto because of the fact that he had the Nine-Tailed fox demon within him…

Fast-forward to Shippuden during the time Pain attacked the Hidden Leaf Village. Naruto had gained some new skills as well as some control over the Nine Tails’ chakra, though he almost went full blown Nine Tails when he saw Hinata in grave danger against Pain. It was also during that fight that Hinata confessed her love for him. Around the time of Shippuden’s end, Naruto returned those same feelings onto Hinata and what happened next? The two got married of course!

It just goes to show you that if you continue to strive for your dreams, you might even find love along the way.

(Posted June 11, 2017 @ 6:33pm)

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