He Shoots, He Scores! Jun Finally Confesses to Tomo

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Ep 12 Review

It finally happened; it took almost the entire series, but we finally got it. Jun finally confessed to Tomo! Granted, I was completely wrong about my whole “play” theory, but that doesn’t really matter. Tomo and Jun are out of the friendzone…sort of. They’re in that sweet spot of being best friends and lovers, which is perfect.

Jun Finally Gets His Act Together

We’ve known for a while now that Jun’s fallen for Tomo as much as she’s fallen for him. However, since they’re both awkward teens and best friends, they have no clue how to take that next step. Tomo even questions if she wants to take that next step, since she fears it would mean the end of their friendship. Jun, meanwhile, finally realizes what Tomo meant when they first started high school together about she loved him; like I said, he was in denial about it. 

Before he can do anything, though, he feels the need to clear the air with Misuzu. So, she pulls her aside and apologizes for how things ended between them. He partially admits that he never tried going after Tomo at first out of respect for Misuzu…though she doesn’t see it the same way. As a side note, Misuzu wasn’t even Jun’s first love.

After that, comes the moment on the rooftop where Jun makes his big romantic confession. And Tomo…calls him a dumbass and runs away. She still doesn’t want to lose him as her best friend.

Misuzu Owns Up to Her Mistakes

Misuzu has had enough of what’s happening and steps in to be the voice of reason. First and foremost, though, she apologizes for trying to make Tomo change to get Jun. She was already perfect for him the way she was. So, after actually crying, Misuzu urges Tomo to do what she should’ve done from the start: be herself and stop overthinking things.

One contest of strength later, Tomo and Jun have an honest heart-to-heart where they both admit what they want: they want to be best friends and a couple. It sounds selfish, but it’s also perfect for them. And just like that, the two best friends take the next step.

So, What Now?

Full disclosure: I got so impatient waiting for the next episode that I went and read the remainder of the comic. At first, I thought that we might get a second season of Tomo-Chan. Given how short each chapter is, though, I’m willing to bet the final episode will cover all of that in the needed timeframe. 

I’m going to miss watching Tomo-Chan after next week comes around. This was one of the best slice-of-life anime I’ve seen in a good while, and it will be sad to see it go. But, it was a pretty sweet ride up until this point in time. That, and it was great to see a tomboy become the main waifu for an anime.

 I Give “Goodbye, Best Friend” a 4/5

One thought on “He Shoots, He Scores! Jun Finally Confesses to Tomo

  1. This seriously was such a cute anime. I love how in the end Jun and Tomo just needed to be themselves and not change at all to be happy together. Tomo didn’t need to become more girly and Jun didn’t need to ignore his feelings for Tomo.

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